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County provides emergency housing for homeless individuals

The County of Riverside has identified hotels and motels with available units for unsheltered homeless individuals

Police Warn of Scam Artists Seeking to Exploit Virus Crisis

Riverside police are advising residents and others to be on guard for scam artists seeking to exploit the coronavirus state of emergency.

Amid fears of viral spread, city council holds emergency meeting

Hemet City Council held an emergency meeting Monday, March 16, where council members unanimously passed a resolution proclaiming


In response to the national health emergency, the Historic Hemet Theatre has canceled 2 concerts and closed the Ticket Office until Monday April 6th.

Building a savings cushion in a time of emergency

If you are going to stockpile anything these days, consider liquid savings. A stash of easily accessible money to tap

Trump declares virus pandemic a national emergency

President Donald Trump announced Friday that he is declaring the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency

Brave new world: Wartime tactics against coronavirus foe

Coronavirus deaths accelerated in Europe and soared to their highest levels ever in Italy on Friday, three weeks

White House readying emergency coronavirus budget request

The White House is readying an urgent budget request to address the deadly coronavirus outbreak whose rapid spread

UN agency: China virus ‘too early’ for emergency declaration

A viral illness in China that has sickened hundreds of people and prompted Chinese authorities to effectively shut down at least three cities

To battle opioid crisis, some track overdoses in real time

Drug overdose patients rushed to some emergency rooms in New York’s Hudson Valley are asked a series of questions