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Between COVID and staffing, California pushes nurses to the limit

It was a little more than three weeks ago that COVID patients began filling up the intensive care units at both Bakersfield hospitals where Mary Lynn Briggs works. It had happened before, but this felt different.

Hospitals run low on nurses as they get swamped with COVID

The rapidly escalating surge in COVID-19 infections across the U.S. has caused a shortage of nurses and other front-line staff in virus hot spots that can no longer keep up with the flood of unvaccinated patients and are losing workers to burnout and lucrative out-of-state temporary gigs.

COVID nurses, past and present collide

In early 2020, when the coronavirus began making it difficult for many people around the world to breathe, hospitals became a central front against a disease that, more than a year later, has killed nearly 4 million human beings and counting.

Hospitals competing for nurses as US coronavirus cases surge

As the coronavirus pandemic surges across the nation and infections and hospitalizations rise, medical administrators are scrambling to find enough nursing help — especially in rural areas and at small hospitals.

After years of attempts, bill to empower nurse practitioners passes California...

A measure that grants California nurse practitioners the ability to practice without physician supervision passed the state legislature Monday, the culmination of a long and contentious legislative journey. The bill gained momentum as the pandemic put a spotlight on health care disparities and workforce shortages.