The Ca State Fair & Food Festival Delivers an Unforgettable Opening Weekend Filled with Thrills and Excitement


Sanjida Nahar | Contributor

The CA State Fair & Food Festival embarked on its 2023 journey with an action-packed opening weekend with the high-flying action of the O’Reilly Auto Parts FMX Motocross and Monster Truck Mayhem at the rodeo arena. Despite the heat, attendees reveled in the diverse array of experiences offered at the expanded fairgrounds. captivating visitors with a range of attractions and performances.

The Junior Livestock Competition took center stage, shining a spotlight on the exceptional exhibitors of the Golden State’s premier youth programs, including 4-H, Future Farmers of America, and Grange. These dedicated and hardworking young individuals were recognized for their outstanding achievements in their respective projects, highlighting their commitment to excellence.

New and exciting acts enhanced the fair experience, such as Jack Spareribs and his thrilling ship act, set within the cool confines of the mythical land of the Lost World of Dragons. Fairgoers were enthralled by the astonishing performances and breathtaking displays, immersing themselves in a world of wonder and adventure.

The Bear Cup Esports gaming tournament attracted gamers of all ages, fostering a friendly and engaging atmosphere where skills were put to the test. Gaming enthusiasts and spectators alike were treated to a showcase of talent and the exhilaration of esports competition.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Candy Maze offered a delectable adventure through a labyrinth of sugary delights. Visitors indulged in a whimsical journey, exploring the maze and discovering a wide array of delightful confections at every turn.

In addition to the hundreds of exhibits, activities, and attractions, the CA State Fair’s food festival proved to be a culinary haven for food lovers. With a record-breaking number of 34 food vendors and over 50 delectable samples to savor, visitors were treated to a gastronomic extravaganza. From tantalizing flavors to unique culinary creations, the food festival showcased the rich diversity of California’s vibrant food scene.

The CA State Fair’s opening weekend came alive with electrifying performances by acclaimed artists. The crowd swayed to the infectious rhythms of Fitz and the Tantrums, who delivered an energetic performance. Confunksun filled the air with their classic sound of funk and R&B. Country music sensation Ashley McBryde wowed the crowd with her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

“The opening weekend of the California State Fair has been nothing short of extraordinary,” said Tom Martinez, CEO of Cal Expo. “We are thrilled to offer our visitors an expanded fairground experience brimming with thrilling acts, culinary delights, and unforgettable moments. The California State Fair continues to be a celebration of our state’s rich heritage and the incredible talents that make California truly remarkable.”

As the fair continues its run, visitors can expect an even more exciting lineup of events, exhibits, and entertainment, ensuring that each day is filled with laughter, joy, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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