$50 Million Job Coming To the 15 Fwy


The past three prints I have told you about construction projects going on around town or in town. We have covered the center median job going down Florida Ave, we talked about the “Safety Cones” being added in Gilman Springs, and we previewed the 60Swarm before it became huge news locally. One thing I was adamant about was that leaving town towards Temecula wasn’t going to change. Well, one week later and I have some bad news.
Congressman Ken Calvert Helped Obtain the Grant from the U.S. Department of transportation for Temecula.

I have spent years working in San Diego and have spent hours, many hours sitting on the 15 fwy knowing that I was so close to home, but easily still 2 hours away from being able to kick off my shoes and enjoy a nice homemade meal. That section of freeway needs work, but is this the right time? For Hemet & San Jacinto residents, you are going to run into construction traffic every direction you try to go when leaving town. There are still a couple of routes to get out, but with the majority of Hemet & San Jacinto funneling through those routes, the congestion is going to be intense.

The main focus of this project is to help the 15/215 interchange; if you have ever spent any time on that section of the freeway, you know how annoying staring at the same set of brake lights in front of you can be. The specifics of the job have not been listed yet, but 50million can go a long way. I’m not exactly sure if it’s going to be a lane widening (It’s already five lanes wide), or maybe extra bridges will be built to be used as on-ramps/off ramps are what the city is looking for.

Based on the budget and the amount of work that needs to be done in that area in order to fix the bottlenecking issue that happens at the 15/215 interchange, I expect the project to be at least a year to a year and a half long if everything goes according to plan and a good company is hired to do the work. With that being said, one thing is known for sure; this project is going to happen, Luckily for us, there is still quite a lot of work to be done before they break ground, Including; Survey, Drafting Blueprints, Architectural Design, and Bidding.

Before the job even begins, that means that all the other road enhancements going on around us have a possibility to be wrapped up before this project starts. Once more piece of information is available, I will let you know. I’ll be looking to get details on the kind of work they are looking to do and the time frame the city is giving the people for how long the work will last. Then I will provide you with a realistic time frame, so you know what to expect. Also remember, Speed Limits are reduced by half, and traffic tickets are doubled in construction zones. Keep that in mind as you travel through all this construction.


  1. Just heard this will be bid for a 2 year job construction to start in 2020. I expect it to be closer to 3 years before totally finished.


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