San Jacinto LeaderShip Academy’s Former Coach suspected of misconduct with a minor

San Jacinto LeaderShip Academy’s Former Coach suspected of misconduct with a minor

San Jacinto Leadership Academy is a school that prides itself on structure and behavior. They take a military-style approach to education and discipline. Each student is expected to have a positive attitude, be on time and be organized. Teachers and Faculty even refer to students as Cadets instead of students. The school prides itself on having a top-notch work ethic and dedication to excellence in order to achieve success in their future.

All that structure and discipline couldn’t prevent the unthinkable from happening. Being a coach at a school is a tough job. Parents are supposed to trust that you are looking out for their kids, you have to break the hearts of kids who are trying out for a team but aren’t quite ready, as well as deliver results to the Athletic Director at your school in order to maintain your position.

That’s a lot of pressure for just one person, but it’s never an excuse to lay hands on, or sexually violate a student. That should never happen. On July 10th, 2019 Eric Rath resigned from his position as a soccer coach at San Jacinto Leadership Academy. Rath walked on to the campus as the soccer coach in February 2019. For him to resign from his spot not even after a full year at the position was seen as very odd.

The very next day Rath was detained, arrested, and booked for a felony charge of Lude Acts with a Minor. His arraignment is scheduled for Aug.5th, and as of right now, only one child has come forward. It is unknown if more will eventually come forward or if this was a singular act.

The district has declined to speak or give any information about this event at this time. Almost all the information came from a letter that was sent to the parents and then was uploaded onto Facebook.

Eric Rath passed all of the district background checks and even obtained an Activities Supervisor Clearance Certificate before being hired for the position. The district is offering to counsel to any student or parent who may be affected by this event — a very respectable act from the district.

Eric Rath has a history of coaching in the area, including Temecula, Riverside, and Hemet/San Jacinto. With a history of coaching multiple soccer teams/clubs over the last six years, the number of victims could potentially be more than have already come forward. If you have or had a relationship with Eric Rath and would like to come forward with more evidence, please contact the Hemet Police Department (951)765-2400.

Sometimes coming forward with something like this is hard, but remember if you don’t speak up, you let him win. As information continues to come in, I will provide updates to the story.


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