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(A Different Point of View)

Are You Getting All That You Truly Want in a Relationship?

Relationships are usually a complicated affair—yes, the pun is fully intended—but I know of a surefire way to guarantee the success of any relationship, provided one follows my instructions properly.

Experts would say that you should trust each other, be gentle with each other, spend more time doing intimate things, don’t spend money to be happy, and so on. Older adults used to say that the path to man’s heart is through his stomach; meaning, the wife, should be a good cook. Some would even say that a wife should…well, never mind. The bottom line is that it is usually up to a woman to make the relationship work.

At the risk of sounding sexist, I actually agree with that assessment. It is up to a woman to make sure that a relationship is a success. Before you jump all over me for saying that, first hear me out. You see, typically, men are generally stupid, and women can carry out plans better. All those pointers from so-called experts do make sense in theory, but in real life, there is no place for them. Real-life requires practical solutions and not hypothetical ones.

My solution is very simple. It works, and it does not require too much effort either. You see, I have daughters, and I want them to use my advice so that they can have a successful relationship with their husbands. All they have to do and all that any woman has to do to make a relationship successful is to take his self-esteem away.

A man with no self-esteem will follow his wife everywhere, do exactly as she wishes, and do everything possible to make her happy. He would go to the ends of the earth to prove himself worthy and would bend over backward to win her approval. He will always be putty in her hands, which she can then mold to her liking.

There are many different ways to strip a man of his self-esteem. The best and most successful method is to convince him that you made a mistake when you settled for him. You had much better options. If it weren’t for a moment of weakness when you took pity and said yes to someone so undeserving of you, you could have been with someone much better, more handsome, better built, and maybe even with a better personality. “Look at you, just look at you,” you should repeat often, “And now, look at me. You are so lucky to have me.”

(A Different Point of View)

The second successful method is to make him feel inadequate. This could go in many different ways, but the two most hurtful ways would be that he is not a good provider and that he is not a good lover. The second one really hits below the belt.

Convince him that he has wasted all of his potential and has failed to achieve success. Even if he is a doctor, he could have been a better doctor, or be more like so and so’s doctor husband. If he is a businessman, he could have done a better business and not the failure that he has poured his blood and sweat into; all for nothing.

The lover part is a lot easier. No man alive can be a successful lover if the woman decides never to let him succeed. There is no measure that men know to determine success, so all efforts are open-ended. Goalposts can be moved, as far away as necessary.

Then there is the always popular; he comes from a low-class family. “Look at your sister,” you could point it out to him, “She has no manners, just like you.” Or, “Look at your parents (or brother, or uncles). If it weren’t for me to join your family, you would all still be…” Then leave the sentence incomplete. Let his imagination fill it with all the possible negative nouns, pronouns, and adjectives that his tiny, inferior brain can fathom.

Any one of these methods works all by itself, but you achieve more success when you combine any two of them. Double whammy, that is, or a one-two punch, if you may. Or, you could be like my wife, and use all four.

Man, I love that woman. I’ll do anything to make her happy. I would go to the ends of this earth to show her how much I love her. I would bend over backwards to make sure there’s always a smile on her face. I just can’t live without her.

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