A life-Saving Philosophy


(A life-Saving Philosophy)

Hemet Valley Recovery Center shows success with its holistic approach and continuum of care

Hemet Valley Recovery Center (HVRC), a drug and alcohol treatment facility, has evolved its continuum-of-care model to help patients achieve long term recovery.

“We don’t view addiction as a fault, we view it as a challenge,” says Sherry Burditt, Clinical Director and board-certified holistic nurse. “Up until 2008, we only had 21 detox beds, with no residential or outpatient programs. Back in those days, people thought detox was treatment. Detox is actually just a medical procedure–it is just the beginning. The therapeutic benefit comes with time, in treatment, following the detoxification phase. Residential and/or outpatient treatment completes the continuum of care. We understand that time-in-treatment is necessary for patients to truly find their own homeostasis emotionally, physically and spiritually.”  With this homeostasis says Burditt, comes the consideration of another way of being, another way of living.  There are relapses in those early days, and the reasons vary: time in treatment was not long enough, inadequate time learning the tools necessary for long term sobriety are just two. Today we have one of the best continuums in the country.

HVRC views chemical dependency as a primary illness that is progressive, chronic, and potentially fatal–but treatable. It affects the mind, body, and the spirit–and the entire family system. Within the safe, secure and confidential environment of HVRC, patients can address core issues where substances have been used as a sort of band-aid to cope with and escape their troubles.

The continuum-of-care also includes weekly after-care and alumni meetings where milestones of sober time are recognized and celebrated with a sense of unity and fellowship. A typical patient, whom we’ll call “Mrs. Z,” to respect her anonymity-a spiritual principle of the program-came to celebrate 2 years of sobriety and expressed her gratitude by saying, “The aftercare and alumni meetings help me stay connected to both the center and my fellows in recovery, which is very important to me in avoiding isolation and potential relapse.”

(A life-Saving Philosophy)

“The continuum of care was an important part of their approach…I was able to receive incredible comprehensive medical care during the medical detoxification phase, and then be transitioned directly to the residential unit. The medical and counseling teams worked hand in hand with one another and it always felt like my well-being and recovery was everyone’s goal.”

HVRC’s website reads, “The therapeutic drug and alcohol treatment process occurs within a holistic, cognitively-oriented framework. It is facilitated through educational, task-oriented, and process groups. Introduction to the twelve-step program and philosophy is a component of treatment.”

A quick view of the program schedule confirms a holistic method with groups such as yoga and meditation, grief group, pain group, holistic therapy, experiential group, 12-step study, women’s empowerment, men’s inspiration–and amongst others–Hero’s group: dedicated to addressing specific needs of first responders and veterans of the military.

Mrs. “Z” says, “One of my favorite experiences was the women’s group. It was there that I was both challenged and comforted by my peers…it was there that my emotional walls were able to be broken down and simultaneously my self-esteem built up…true connections and friendships were formed with other women as we acknowledged and helped each other…it was there, in women’s group, that my spirit, my soul, found happiness, joy and freedom.”

For more information about Hemet Valley Recovery Center, please visit www.hvrc.com 

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