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America in January of 2029


Steve McCann | American Thinker

Virtually every presidential election over the past forty years has been described by one of the candidates or by either left-wing or right-wing pundits as being the most crucial since (fill in the date). However, in light of the Marxist radicalization of the Democrat Party over the past sixteen years, 2024 is evolving into being the most crucial election cycle since 1860 as the future of this nation as founded precariously hangs in the balance.

Considering the factors that contributed to the debacles that were the 2020 presidential and the 2022 midterm elections combined with the Republican Party’s seemingly never-ending incompetence, inability to turn out the vote, and lack of determination to combat voter fraud and manipulation, it is very likely that the Democrats could run the table in 2024.

If the Democrats controlled the White House, the Senate by either a 50-50 or 51-49 margin, and the House by four or six seats for another four years what would be the political, economic, and societal portrait of this nation on January 20, 2029? Over the past half-century, the federal judiciary has increasingly assumed the role of being the last line of defense in upholding the Constitution and the delineated rights of every American.

Thus, the Democrats have been singularly focused on transforming the federal judiciary. That resolve has culminated in both Obama and Biden appointing radical left-wing judges during their twelve years in office. The unabashed lawfare directed at Donald Trump is a manifestation of their increasing success. There are 667 District Court judges in 94 districts who resolve disputes and conduct trials. Currently, there are 339 serving judges who were appointed by Democrat presidents. There are currently 58 vacancies of which at least two-thirds or more will be filled by Biden and the Democrats before the end of the year.

Therefore, by January of 2025 there will be at least 380 serving judges (or 57%) appointed by the Democrats. Based on historical averages, the 2024 newly elected Democrat president and Democrat-ontrolled Senate will appoint upwards of 160-170 judges over the next four years, bringing the total number to 545 or 82% of all District Court judge appointed by the radical left Democrat Party. The only check on the District Court judges are the Circuit Courts of Appeal and ultimately the Supreme Court.

Currently there are 83 out of 179 serving Circuit Court judges appointed by Democrats and four vacancies which will be filled this year totaling 87 or 49% of all judges. Historically, a president during their term will appoint 30-35 Circuit Court judges, thus by 2029 there could be upwards of 122 judges appointed by the Marxist left or nearly 70%.

The two oldest Supreme Court justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, will be 80 and 78 years old respectively by 2028. Thus, opening up the distinct possibility of the Democrats appointing multiple replacements. In which case the Supreme Court will, along with the District and Circuits Courts, make a dramatic turn to the radical left. These potential appointments would be the final nail in the transformation of the United States into a one-party socialist oligarchy as it would be a virtual impossibility to achieve the decade of Republican control of the White House and Senate necessary to reverse this dominance. Consequently, there will be no recourse for the American citizenry.

No one, who does not acquiesce to the dictates of Democrat Party regime, will receive equitable treatment in the courts and no action by the administration will ultimately be declared illegal or unconstitutional. By 2029 the weaponization and radicalization of the judiciary may will be a fait accompli. Since Biden’s inauguration, over 10 million illegal immigrants have descended upon the United States. 2024 is on pace for another two million bringing the four-year total to over 12 million.

Added to the 22+ million illegals already in the country, over 10% of the American population will be here illegally absorbing untold billions of dollars in benefits and welfare while depriving American citizens of jobs and wealth creation. This process will continue unabated during the next Democrat administration as upwards of another 12 million will be granted unrestricted access. By 2029 there could be as many as 50 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

A population larger than Spain and 164 other countries throughout the world. Over the next four years, a mass amnesty bill will be passed and touted as being the only solution to this crisis. Within the amnesty bill will be an accelerated path to citizenship. A dependable Democrat voting bloc will be created as the nation begins to fracture and balkanize. By the end of 2028, the Democrats, in a de facto alliance with a transforming judiciary, will embed de facto government censorship under the guise of controlling disinformation or threats to the nation.

The Second Amendment will again come under attack and will, in all likelihood, be dramatically rewritten. Religious freedom will continue to be progressively restricted as will the right of parents to raise their children as they see fit. Racial, tribal, and cultural animosity will increasingly engulf the nation as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will become the underpinning of laws, regulations, and executive orders. The religion of “climate change” and its attendant “green agenda” will dominate government spending and economic policy, thus, dramatically undermining the economy and standard of living of virtually every American.

The current national debt is a staggering $34 Trillion dollars. With less than 5% of the world’s population, the United States accounts for 37% of global public debt. By the end of this year the debt will approach $36 Trillion. Another four years of Democrat domination and, thus, uncontrolled spending will add a further $10-12 Trillion to the debt. Taxes will be significantly increased, and tax enforcement massively ramped up placing a massive drag on the economy. The nation will experience four years of stagnant growth and the Democrats will scramble to avoid a massive recession by unrestrained government spending and de facto money printing.

These actions will result in never-ending inflation and ongoing and accelerated decline in the standard of living as state, local, and federal government spending will consume half of the annual GDP (up from 37% today). By 2029, the nation will be teetering on the precipice of a depression. It is highly likely that if the Democrats control the Senate they will modify the filibuster rule in order to pass a bill effectively nationalizing all elections.

Mass mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, same day registration, and no requirement for identification or proof of citizenship will assure Democrat dominance for the foreseeable future. A similar bill was passed by a Democrat-controlled House in 2021. Lastly, the world will be a far more dangerous place by January of 2029 because of American obeisance to Communist China, indifference toward Iran, and de facto animosity directed at Israel. America will continue to effectively underwrite China’s ambitions by persisting in its reliance on unfettered trade with China, thus, effectively granting them a free hand in their pursuit of global hegemony which will include a takeover of Taiwan.

A nuclear-armed Iran will inexorably increase its belligerency toward the Sunni nations of the Middle East as well as Israel in their all-consuming determination to establish a new caliphate. Israel will be forcibly coerced by the United States into accepting a variation of a two-state solution which will evolve into a new outpost for Iran and its terrorist proxies.

The Middle East will become the tinderbox that was the Balkans in pre-WW I Europe with the same inevitable outcome including the potential destruction of the state of Israel. There are those, including many American Thinker readers, who will dismiss all the above as being hyperbolic or an exercise in sensationalism colored by my experience as a survivor and casualty of WW II and its aftermath. Far too many Americans fail to recognize the existential threat the Marxist-dominated Democrat Party is to America, despite having experienced the radicalism and divisiveness of the Obama administration as well as the ongoing national catastrophe that is the Biden Administration.

The Democrat Party is the ideological successor to those in the 20th century whose single-minded quest for power deprived untold millions of life and liberty in countries around the globe. John Adams in a letter to his wife, Abigail, wrote: “Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” However, as the 20th century underscored, once lost, Liberty can be regained, but only through unfathomable violence. Only by soundly defeating the Democrats in November can this potential eventuality be avoided.

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