California OKs 1st Filipino American as attorney general


By DON THOMPSON Associated Press

Alameda, to succeed Xavier Becerra. He resigned to become the U.S. Health and Human Services secretary.

The Assembly approved Bonta’s nomination on a 62-0 vote with Republicans abstaining, while the Senate followed on a 29-6 rollcall with three additional Republicans not voting.

GOP Caucus chairwoman Sen. Patricia Bates said Republicans remain concerned about Bonta’s progressive track record since he was elected to the Assembly in 2012, but were reassured by his promise “that he is very committed to a bipartisan role on issues that do affect our constituents.”

Republicans didn’t support his nomination, Bates said, “but do want to recognize a commitment and a passion that he will bring to this assignment, and we wish him well and we very much look forward to working with him in the coming years.”

Bonta will be up for election with other statewide officials next year.

He takes office during a time of “a very strong examining of our justice system and whether it has really truly been just,” said Democratic Sen. Nancy Skinner.

Bonta will be responsible for enforcing laws that the Legislature has recently enacted “through the lens of racial equity,” Skinner said, including a law requiring his office to investigate police shootings that result in the deaths of unarmed civilians.

Bonta said after his confirmation that he views the attorney general as “the people’s attorney.”

“To fight for everyday folks, the vulnerable, the voiceless, the disadvantaged, those who need a champion, those who are hurting, being abused, and to push back and fight back against those in power who are overreaching that power or abusing that power,” he said. “That’s the job.”

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