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Friday, May 20, 2022

Cut cable shuts down Virginia’s online voter registration

An accidentally severed fiber optic cable shut down Virginia's online voter registration system for several hours Tuesday, the last day to register before the November general election, authorities said.

Trump holds 1st rally since contracting coronavirus

Just a week after his release from the hospital, President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail Monday for the first time since contracting the coronavirus, resuming his effort to stage a late comeback in the election's final stretch.

California GOP says it owns unofficial ballot drop boxes

California’s Republican Party on Monday acknowledged owning unofficial ballot drop boxes that state election officials said are illegal.

Trump reports ‘no symptoms,’ returns to downplaying virus

President Donald Trump, said to be making progress in his recovery from COVID-19, tweeted his eagerness to return to the campaign trail even as the outbreak that has killed more than 210,000 Americans reached ever more widely into the upper echelons of the U.S. government.


Being truthful and honest, and observing the rules of transparency, I must admit that I have known Howard for quite a few years - not politically - but as a member of a local writer's group that I founded in Hemet in the early 1980's. I knew him as a writer and poet. I've never heard him speak politically, so I have no bias in this interview.

Gov. Newsom Selects Justice Martin Jenkins (Ret.) for California Supreme Court

Governor Gavin Newsom announced his nomination of Justice Martin Jenkins (Ret.) for Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court.

In about-face, Trump seeks to salvage parts of virus aid

President Donald Trump on Wednesday tried to salvage a few priority items lost in the rubble of COVID-19 relief talks that he blew up, pressing for $1,200 stimulus checks and new aid for airlines and other businesses hard hit by the pandemic.

VA resumes in-person benefits services halted by the COVID-19 response

The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today the reestablishment of in-person benefits services in select locations throughout the country.

Countering Trump, US officials defend integrity of election

Four weeks ahead of Election Day, senior national security officials provided fresh assurances about the integrity of the elections in a video message Tuesday, putting them at odds with President Donald Trump’s efforts to discredit the vote.

Cities declare racism a health crisis, but some doubt impact

Christy DeGallerie noticed a startling trend in her online group for coronavirus survivors: White patients got medications she’d never heard of, were offered X-rays and their doctors listened to their concerns.