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(Divine Appointment Worship Center)

Connected Community

Pastors Brian & Nicole Hawkins are hosting an event for every member of the community to show up and network. The event is called Community Connection and is all about coming together to discuss what is going on in our community and what can we do to better it. This event is going to be held at Divine Appointment Worship Center (165 W. 7th St. San Jacinto, CA) there is still room for vendors. Pastor Brian is encouraging all of the local churches to come out and set up a booth. At this event, there will be speakers from the community, not just religious, but people who represent the political side of the city and even high ranking police officers. 

While this event going there is also going to be a Trunk or Treat nearby hosted by the Sheriff Station, Pastor Brian wants to encourage everyone to take their kids to the Trunk or Treat (6th & Pico) and live music at the Connected Community Event. There are Raffle Tickets available for the Connected Community event. Raffle Tickets are $5 apiece and amongst the prizes are; a 65′ Smart TV, Brand New iPhone, Custom built Go-Kart, A Mountain Bike Worth $1,000, and many other things. 

A huge portion of the proceeds are going to help Pastor Brian start-up his After School Teen Center that’s going to be a place for teens to go after school. He hopes to have a couple of newer game consoles, computers with printers, nice couches, bar-style tables with chairs, TV’s, and a fridge filled with snacks for the kids. This Teen Center would be open to kids to spend their time after school and will close when the last one leaves. 

What Pastor Brian hopes to accomplish the most with this event is to make a plan with other influential people in the valley to build this community up. Everyone is welcome to attend the event, “Let’s take our differences and bring them together to make a difference,” said Pastor Brian. He really wants everyone to feel free to show up and talk about how we can change what goes on in the community. Pastor Brian is adamant that it isn’t just one man’s job but rather our responsibility as a community to build it up. 

Pastor Brian’s message to the community for this event is, “No one can fix the whole community, but you can fix the part of the community you walk on. If we all do that, we will start to see changes.” If you are looking for something to do on Oct. 23rd join Pastor Brian Hawkins and many others at the Connected Community Event. 

For vendor information call 951-390-3587

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