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Local foster children hunt for Easter Eggs at the Golden Era Golf Course


This year 50 foster youth got to have their very own Easter Egg Hunt, games and lunch which was held at a new location than previous years. The Golden Era Golf Course clubhouse in San Jacinto graciously hosted this event for the foster families to have a safe and special place to celebrate together. The event was put on by the Rancho Replanted Foster Ministries spearheaded by Nicole and Sky Holt, who themselves are foster parents.  They have 4 very happy and active children and have been fostering since 2016.

Sky and Nicole Holt with the happy winner Emma Atkins | Courtesy Photo of Golden Era Productions

Three different age groups of children from 10 months old to 18 took part in the race to see who could collect the most Easter eggs of the 1000 eggs that were generously donated by members of Rancho Replanted Foster Ministries and community partners like Albertsons off Hwy 79 in Temecula. In record time they all came running back to the clubhouse to count how many eggs they each found.

The day started with games for the kids to play around the outside of the clubhouse. 

Grandfathers for Golf was on hand and the budding golfers lined up at the practice green to get some putting lessons.  

After all the games the kids and their families had lunch which was provided by Grandfathers for Golf, the Community Pantry and Golden Era Productions. 

But the day was not over as after lunch there were raffle prizes for all the kids.  Every participating child walked away with an Easter Basket full of prizes. In addition Teen Road To Safety-Temecula, a Driving School gifted FREE online driving classes to the older youth. The grand prize was a shiny, new Mongoose bicycle from Willdebietz Music Conservatory in Hemet, which made a surprised mother and daughter very happy.

Volunteers, Lucas & Alexia helping Sky Holt cook the hot dog donations from Grandfathers for Golf

The foster mother, Jocelyn with tears in her eyes had this to share about the event, “Our family was invited to join this event as part of the foster care ministries in the area. Our daughter Emma was adopted out of foster care 6 years ago and we are currently fostering a different child with hopes of her becoming a permanent part of our family. This event was so much fun and my daughter was so excited to win a new bike and have her dad teach her how to ride a bike without training wheels. Much thanks to Rancho Replanted Foster Ministries and Willdebietz Music Conservatory for your extravagant generosity. We are so blessed by your donation and kindness – the smile on my daughter’s face says it all!! My heart is happy -thank you so much!! On behalf of our family Will, Jocelyn and Emma Atkins”



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