Free K-8 Math and Language Arts Diagnostic Assessment


PILLARZ LLC, ( a leading K-8 distance learning and intervention school is now offering free diagnostic and assessment testing for students. This is a comprehensive Math and Language Arts evaluation providing parents precision analysis of their child’s academic, grade level position with granular clarity.

“Research has shown that environmental elements, whether it be COVID 19 or the California fires, that children’s academic achievement has suffered” stated John Ochinero, Founder and CEO of PILLARZ. “Further, clearly over 90% of parents are deeply concerned about their child’s future”.

PILLARZ LLC offers K-8 science-based intervention in Language, Math, Social Studies and Science as well as Special Education with class sizes capped at five students.

“All of our programs begin with a detailed diagnostic and assessment evaluation of the young scholar so that we clearly understand where to laser-focus our instructions to ensure that the young scholar exceeds their academic goals” Ochinero said. “Given the current environment, we are offering our comprehensive Diagnostic and Assessment feature for free without obligation” concluded Ochinero.

Logistics: How to Receive Your Child’s Free Diagnostic & Assessment

Parents need only go to the PILLARZ LLC site ( and complete the Diagnostic & Assessment form. There is also the option for a free Parent consultation. There is no need to download an App or provide a credit card. There is no obligation of any kind.

The Diagnostic Assessment for Math and Language Arts takes a combined time of approximately two hours. Progress is retained so the child may complete the process over separate sessions. A detailed Assessment Report will be provided within 24 hours of completion.

Please go to for more information.


PILLARZ believes that children today are the pillars of society tomorrow. PILLARZ is K-8 Distance Learning & Intervention Academy. PILLARZ is science-based, interactive and precision focused on Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies; Special Education offerings are available.

PILLLARZ will contribute to your child’s quest to reach for the stars!

Please see the PILLARZ LLC Site for more information:

-John Ochinero

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