Free resources to help Veteran and military families raising children


Veteran and military families, you got this! And ZERO TO THREE is right here with you as you ensure your young child thrives. The summer of 2020 is a summer like no other. How will you get through the summer while balancing the need to keep your child’s good health while social distancing? The tools and resources available from ZERO TO THREE just might be your answer. If you’re the parent of a young child or baby, we have lots of ideas, fact sheets, and apps to help as you care for your child.

I think a lot about my friend Katie, a Veteran with two children, 9 months and 3-years old. As a Veteran, she’s never been afraid to take charge and get things done. But with two strong-willed little ones who have their own ideas about what they want to do, it isn’t always easy to stay on task. Her 3-year-old questions everything and is always on the move, never afraid of anything, and is having a hard time being told “No.” Her 9-month-old is just the opposite – very laid back and “go with the flow.” How can two kids be so different?

Katie has found helpful resources on the ZERO TO THREE website. She learned about how her children each have their own temperament and how that effects their interactions with her and with each other.

Then she discovered information on answering her older son’s questions about the pandemic and ideas for activities as they stay home more.

She also found information just for Veteran parents, including tips for self-care and transitioning from active duty military back into the community.

Katie also downloaded the free app, Babies on the Homefront. The app is filled with information and short videos about parenting military-connected young children, challenging behaviors, activities, and development. It even has an entire section on parental self-care. Her favorite activity is “Say It With Music.”

As you keep up with your own young children, remember to check out ZERO TO THREE’s Parenting Resources. You can find information on most early childhood-related topics, including temper tantrums, biting, and sleep, as well as great tips on early literacy and school readiness.

-VAntagePoint Contributor


ZERO TO THREE has partnered with both the Department of Defense and VA to develop resources just for you, including webinars on caregiving. At ZERO TO THREE, we know that early connections matter. You are helping your child to grow strong physically, cognitively, and emotionally. You got this! And we are right here with you as you make sure your child thrives!


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