Hot to help Veterans


(Hot to help Veterans)

Who knew?

A visit to the Hemet Fire Station

Louie Vasquez and I had the opportunity to stop by and visit our local Hemet Fire Station #1.

We were greeted by firefighter and EMT Mathew Richer who hit it off with my service dog London. We had to reintroduce ourselves and shared a laugh and the details and reasons for our visit.

We are representatives of The Cloverlane Foundation which is collaborating with an organization called Next Steps Service Dogs which provides service dogs for veterans and is now looking into developing an organization to provide First Responders with canine support during times of distress.

We also explained how our program is based upon preemptive principles that included facility canine companions as well as outreach therapy teams.

Mathew Richer gave us a brief overview on the facilities and operations. He explained to us how their station is considered to be an “All Risk” facility. They are prepared to engage with diverse emergencies ranging from house fires and medical aid to urban search and rescue as well as hazardous material incidents. When Mathew stated, “we also carry bullet proof vests for hot zones where our lives are in danger,” we realized that the strategies we were implementing to assist First Responders was on track.

Mathew was very knowledgeable and brought to our attention the fact they receive approximately 17,000 to 18,000 calls per year split up between five stations in the surrounding Hemet field of operation. We learned a lot and Mathew said we were welcome back anytime.

This was an eye-opening and very worthwhile visit.             Thank you Matthew Richer and Hemet Fire Station #1

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