I Resolve for the New Year . . . . .


(I Resolve for the New Year)

At year’s end, most of us recognize our character flaws, blunders, extra pounds, unhealthy habits, excessive indebtedness, propensity towards bullying the weaker of our acquaintances or family, and in a word, recognize every other personal failing that we admit to ourselves that we need to fix.

In many western countries we take advantage of the new year to adopt resolutions thought to guide us towards goals of character improvement and personal relations that will make us better persons. In order to keep easier track of our progress, we feel that we need to start out with a clean beginning. Therefore, most of us commence our good faith proposals on the first day of the new year.

Missteps in “normal” people in personal relations are usually made only once: we learn from this behavior which negatively affects us, and we vow not to do it again.  If we are overweight, which is usually tied to unhealthy habits, resolving to thin down is very hard, especially in our society where food is being advertised at every corner, making it desirable to consume.  If you find that you cannot reach your goals alone in this quest, look for help. If you feel you need assistance, you may want to seek out support before you start out the new year. There is nothing better for your purpose in life than to feel mentally that you are on the right course.

Certainly one of life’s experiences that provoke stress and anxiety is to be over-indebted with banks, credit unions, department stores, credit cards, etc., who will, without fail, send out their statements and collection letters when you fall behind. If this is the case, the first thing you may want to consider is to leave your credit cards on file at home.  Leaving them home is a deterrent to “impulse buying” and purchasing what you don’t need. Paying off your credit cards during the entire new year without using them will allow you to feel stress-free, knowing that next year you will have either paid off your debts or considerably decreased the balance. Pay cash whenever possible.

Bullying is not only a school yard phenomenon – it is also practiced in the workplace, on the highway, in the shopping mall, standing in line at the supermarket, everyplace where people congregate. Bullying is a learned behavior that can be unlearned by keeping in mind the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have done to you”. Bullying sometimes is a result of impatience that can be mitigated by being reminded of the Golden Rule. Perhaps we should lobby establishments that deal with the public post conspicuously a sign stating the Golden Rule.

Let’s make an effort to build a better place to live, and to work, a better place in which our children can live, study and play safely..a place in which provocations to react violently are ignored;a place where people greet and treat each other with a smile.

Beat wishes to all of us with our new year’s resolutions.

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