Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Search Warrants


On Saturday, August 15, 2020, personnel from the San Jacinto Sheriff’s Station served three search warrants related to illegal indoor residential marijuana grows and marijuana sales.  During the warrant service, approximately 3,179 plants were eradicated from these residences along with 60 pounds of processed marijuana. A combined weight of approximately two tons of marijuana was collected from these locations. Deputies also collected 81 fans, large amounts of packaging, 75 lights and 75 ballast. At two of these locations, deputies contacted and detained Wei Xu a 52-year-old Hacienda Heights resident, Jing Chong Lei a 41-year-old Monterrey Park resident and Ruilin Xu a 24-year-old Monterrey Park resident . All three subjects were arrested for Maintaining a drug house, Theft of utilities, Marijuana cultivation and Marijuana sales. They were all booked at Cois Byrd Detention Center. Edison responded and located an illegal electrical by-pass underneath the electrical meters at all three indoor grows. The estimated total theft of utilities is $295,000.

The goal of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is to keep all of our citizens safe while also improving the quality of life for those residing within the community.  Indoor marijuana cultivation negatively impacts the neighborhoods, property value and environment. It diminishes and poisons the water table and pesticides adversely affecting the health of neighboring residents.  The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has a zero-tolerance policy for these offenses.  If you suspect drug activity in your area, please contact your local Sheriff’s Station.  The San Jacinto Special Enforcement Team can be reached at the San Jacinto Sheriff’s Station at (951) 654-2702.  Criminal activity can also be reported through the We-Tip Crime Reporting Hotline, (909) 987-5005 or

For media inquiries regarding this incident please contact the Media Information Bureau.

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