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(Land spreadin’ out)

Money moving at McSweeney Farms

As of October 8, Hemet City Council signed-off on a a three-phase development project at McSweeney farms to be performed by Leonida Builders, Inc. for a total cost of $10,682,734.

When the development plan began to receive bids, another company, after losing its bid to Leonida Builders sent a protest letter to the city in which they claimed:
• Leonida Builders, Inc. failed to list a landscaping subcontractor and does not hold a C -27 landscape license.
• Leonida Builders, Inc. lacks the necessary experience to perform the Project work.
• Leonida Builders, Inc. failed to list specific subcontractors (i.e. rebar).

However, when the City Attorney examined these items he found the protest to be without merit as all of the issues raised were not substantial or were immaterial and therefore, he rejected the protest. The details of a development project are as tedious as you can imagine, but the three phases can be summed up .as follows:

Phase 1 will include the removal and reconstruction of failed asphalt concrete pavement, placement of slurry seal, replacement of traffic striping, installation of two new traffic signals on these streets:
• State Street – 1,000 north of McSweeny Parkway to Newport Road
• South Village Loop – State Street to McSweeny Parkway
• Newport Road – State Street to Santa Fe Street
• State Street at South Village Loop – traffic signal
• State Street at McSweeny Parkway – traffic signal

Phase 2 details the construction of a culvert structure, which essentially is a structure that allows for water to flow under a road or other obstruction. This is to allow the permanent construction of McSweeny Parkway over Cactus Valley Channel, along with road, landscape and hardscape improvements along McSweeny Parkway.

Phase 3 is both a State Street crossing but also another culvert construction that will allow the permanent construction of State Street over Cactus Valley Channel, along with road, landscape and hardscape improvements along State Street. Each of these phases aim to enable McSweeney farms to expand their housing developments.

Addressing the incredible cost of the development, luckily it is not straight from the cities pockets. The CSCDA CFD is both the source of $6,260,000 as well as an incredibly hard thing to pronounce. The CSCDA exists to enable local government and eligible private entities access to low-cost, tax-exempt financing for projects that provide a tangible public benefit. The remainder of the cost however, will be paid out by the developer.

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