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The fires are burning up the country; on the other hand; the country is overcome with floods. The problem is, the two should be meeting and providing us with serenity but it isn’t working out that way.

We have been listening to the powers that be in the oil and gas industry – pump, pump, pump. When it comes to water, it always “costs too much.” Baloney. Which is more important: profits or survival? I watched on TV this afternoon and saw a 10 or 12-foot pipeline being transported by rail from one place to another.

Our country is dying from drought and flood and unless we connect the two we won’t have a country in which to be worried about costs.

To say we can transport people to MARS but can’t lay water pipelines or build peripheral canals from the flood lands to the drought-driven states is as phony as a $3 bill. If any of these naysayers saw 15 cents of profit, in it those canals and lines would spread out from the South and Northeast to drought-stricken western states like a Black Widow Spider’s web.

Around the world, drought-stricken areas are surviving via piped water or desalination. The United States of America can send billions of dollars in arms abroad but can’t even take care of our own needs.

An old adage about the Brooklyn Bridge sounds better than our excuses. To the Governor of California, state legislature, President Biden, the Democratic Congress – it is time to stop acting like Donald Trump is the only political issue in the coming elections. To win, do something that helps all, not just a few. BRING WATER TO THE DROUGHT AND FIRES, and enjoy weather fit for civilization. Let Spring be Spring and Fall preparing us for Christmas. If the greatest congress and presidency in the world can’t do that, then we are surely doomed for destruction. It doesn’t have to happen. Voters demand leaders to lead. Leaders listen to the taxpayers or you may soon have to find another job. Just sayin’


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