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Letter to the Editor,

I just finished reading the editorial by Rusty Strait (Church or Political Podium) in this weeks Chronicle. I, too, attended the meeting at 412 Church that Rusty Strait wrote about but, apparently we heard two very different things!

Mr. Strait begins his editorial by saying, “According to the U.S. Constitution, there is an explicit separation between Church and State.” I’m not sure what constitution Mr. Strait is referring to, as there is no such reference in the United States Constitution!

Just for a quick history lesson, although most people believe the words, “separation between church & state” are actually found in the U.S. Constitution, the words cannot be found there. Rather, they are words penned by Thomas Jefferson in a letter (1802) addressed to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut. The actual words in the First Amendment read: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Mr. Strait said it was clear that the church “was being used for political purposes.” Really? Since when is it “political” for parents to want to raise their children the way they see fit? Or when did it become “political” for parents to decide what is medically best for their children? Yes, parents’ rights were discussed. And no, the petitions weren’t anti-mask or anti-vaccine. They were petitions advocating for the right of teachers and parents to choose the masks or choose the vaccines! Big difference!

Mr. Strait goes on to say there was an “assault” on unions, school districts and the federal government, etc. No! The only assault was against people and government officials who desire to impose dictatorship-like power over our families and our children. It was a great meeting for freedom!

Susan Beckett

Hemet, CA

P.S. DP City Church will be hosting a special speaker, Douglas V. Gibbs – a Constitutional authority – on Wed, Oct 6th at 7 pm.

We would love to see Mr. Strait attend.

Susan Beckett

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