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Even in a small town, there’s no shortage of interesting news articles, but sometimes…we need a news item in a pinch.  I’d like to take a second to say that the following story was written-up in style and so quickly that it’d make your head spin.  Who wrote it?                                                                                                                                     No…it wasn’t some fresh-faced kid who needed a byline: we turned to the most trusted, seasoned voice we are honored to have on our newspaper: Rusty Strait came through as he has all his life.                                                                                                       Enjoy this wonderful piece written on the fly and from the heart, by our own inimitable, Ray “Rusty” Strait.    

Nick and Charlotte Jones, owners of Miller-Jones Funeral Home are hosting an Ice Cream Social for the benefit of Veterans and their families at American Legion Post 53. The event will be taking place on Wednesday December 4th at the Post, 124 N Ramona Street in Hemet.

The public is invited.
Perhaps it is not generally known, but the Jones family has always been first in line to move forward with anything that benefits the community and they have a special connection when it involves veterans from all branches of the armed forces.

The primary purpose of this particular event is to make available to veterans and any others that might be interested, the importance of planning ahead for that time when decisions have to be made when someone passes. This is especially true when a veteran dies and there has been no pre-planning. Has the deceased planned ahead to be buried in a National Cemetery? What kind of services would that person have desired? All too often with everyday turmoils and problems that particularly very important decision is thrust on surviving families at a time when they are least emotionally capable o f making such a decision.

At this event you will be able to discuss such important matters as cremation and burials, traditional funerals, veterans benefits, payment plans, pre-arrangements and discounts according to financial situations.

You may think that you will “worry about that” when the time comes, but you will be gone and someone else will suddenly be responsible for making such decisions that you could have made ahead of time, saving your love ones additional suffering outside of natural grief.

This reporter once served two years as an apprentice in two different funeral homes: Walters Funeral Home in Tampa, Florida and Cunningham’s in Charleston, W. Va. Both were family owned businesses and I can tell you from my experience that those people who have the obligation to take care of your body after your demise, and arrangements always treat surviving families like their own. It is a tradition I have seen first hand and the Nick Jones family is a classic example of that kind of devotion to your needs at a time when you really need someone to lean on.

So, if you haven’t thought about that time, and the responsibility you leave to your family, it might be a good idea to come on out and find out just how prepared your family will be when you depart the living scene.  Just sayin’
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