Operation Reclaim and Rebuild 2024


Reporting Deputy: Sergeant Jeff Hammond

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During the week of January 22, 2024, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office participated in Operation Reclaim & Rebuild. Operation Reclaim & Rebuild is a multi-agency statewide initiative that focuses on rescuing victims of sexual slavery and human trafficking, identifying and arresting their captors, and disrupting demand for vulnerable victims. The Sheriff’s Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force (RCAHT) oversaw the local operation in conjunction with the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station, Hemet Sheriff’s Station, San Jacinto Sheriff’s Station, Temecula Sheriff’s Station, Lake Elsinore Sheriff’s Station, Perris Sheriff’s Station, Thermal Sheriff’s Station, Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station, Lake Mathews Sheriff’s Station, Murrieta Police Department, Homeland Security Investigations, Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, and local victim advocacy partners. Operation Reclaim & Rebuild is scheduled to coincide with National Human Trafficking Awareness Month and serves as a reminder that human trafficking will not be tolerated in California.

During the operation, 101 arrests of adults were made throughout Riverside County for solicitation of prostitution, pimping, pandering and other related crimes. Four juveniles were detained for solicitation of prostitution and released to parents. Various services and resources were provided and offered to eight rescued victims. REACH, a local partner of RCAHT meets with victims to offer immediate help and services. Operation Reclaim & Rebuild efforts throughout the state resulted in 539 arrests and 65 rescues. The operation targeted online prostitution and those who demand these unlawful activities, which fuels an illicit underground economy, both locally and across the State of California. Often, individuals engaging in acts of prostitution are being forced to commit sexual acts against their will. Victims are often forced or coerced into prostitution at a young age, with many victims admitting to first being victimized when they were about 14 years old and some younger. The goal of RCAHT is to not only arrest suspects, but to identify as many victims as possible, and provide those victims with resources to escape and heal.

Prostitution is not a “victimless” crime. Those victimized by commercial sexual exploitation frequently have long histories of emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse or trauma in their backgrounds. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimates that 1 in 6 endangered runaways reported are likely victims of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking victims are often subjected not only to severe forms of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of their trafficker but are also frequently physically and sexually assaulted by those who solicit them for prostitution.

The following persons were arrested during this operation:

Monday January 22, 2024

  • Douglas Alvarado, 41 from Indio
  • Joseph Wagner, 25 from Palm Desert
  • Johnny Canseco-Garcia, 27 from Indio
  • Eduardo Ortega, 45 from Coachella
  • Gustavo Villasenor Rubio, 26 from Coachella
  • Jassiel Guadalupe Diarte Felix, 28 from Coachella
  • Allen Montano, 38 from Coachella
  • Jeremy Rivera, 30 from San Jacinto

Tuesday January 23, 2024

  • Ismael Pacheco, 38 from Palm Desert
  • Kevin Josias Ornelas, 22 from Cathedral City
  • Robert Alan Sherwood, 69 from Palm Desert
  • Lawson Isiah Bagby, 35 from Desert Hot Springs
  • Francisco Javier Jr Gutierrez, 42 from Menifee
  • Darryl Jess Sperry, 52 from Menifee
  • Austyn Spencer, 29 from Los Angeles
  • Nolan Robert Holmes, 37 from Canyon Lake
  • Aaron Herrera, 33 from Riverside
  • Juan Valadez, 43 from Wildomar
  • John Daniel Kennedy, 32 from Canyon Lake
  • Lawrence Velasquez, 36 from Perris
  • Alexis Pereira, 29 from Murrieta
  • Jaime Vaca, 34 from Temecula
  • Ricardo Garcia, 19 from Wildomar
  • Jose Noriega, 44 from Moreno Valley
  • Nicholas Morgan, 39 from Lake Elsinore
  • Juan Flores, 40 from Riverside
  • Jose Aguirre Ochoa, 32 from Lake Elsinore
  • Mario Fernando Silis, 28 from Menifee
  • Hamid Farooqi, 22 from Winchester
  • Andrew Vega, 30 from Canyon Lake
  • Casimiro Pulido-Bringas, 50 from Chino
  • Gerardo Rodriguez, 30 from Riverside

Wednesday January 24, 2024

  • Mauro Martinez, 21 from Fallbrook
  • Kyle James Couball, 27 from Temecula
  • John Matthew Morawa, 34 from Temecula
  • Victor Alfonso Sosa, 38 from Hesperia
  • Juan Carlos Leguizamon, 52 from Downey
  • Marvin Cruz, 32 from Moreno Valley
  • Diego Gonzalez, 32 from Beaumont
  • Shaun Labrew, 25 from Menifee
  • John Rizo, 33 from Moreno Valley
  • Daniel Hernandez, 31 from Fresno
  • Raul Gonzalez, 38 from VIctorville
  • Ariel Gomez, 40 from Moreno Valley
  • Felipe Sanchez-Rodriguez, 27 from Moreno Valley
  • James Vasquez, 37 from Apple Valley
  • Sergio Ruiz-Betancourt, 41 from Moreno Valley
  • Samuel Abad, 19 from Moreno Valley
  • Derek Haworth, 39 from Riverside
  • Albert Villalobos, 19 from Riverside
  • Aaron Leon, 39 from Upland
  • Roy Murillo, 31 from Riverside

Thursday January 25, 2024

  • John Edward Bias, 48 from Murrieta
  • Quentin James Pickett, 43 from Temecula
  • Christopher Robert Erbs, 22 from Temecula
  • Ronald Fredrick Walker, 61 from Riverside
  • Michael John Martinez, 42 from Temecula
  • Mckenzie Everett Mays, 57 from Temecula
  • Ryan C. Dunn, 20 from Temecula
  • Jonathan Kwawegen, 43 from Temecula
  • Chien Chen, 44 from Murrieta
  • Ivan A. Gonzalez, 23 from Hemet
  • Damarlin Tillman, 27 from Victorville
  • Harold Lee Hamilton, 23 from San Bernardino
  • Jose Alfonso Matute, 64 from Moreno Valley
  • Edward Jr. Padilla, 35 from Buena Park
  • Allan Jibaja, 43 from Beaumont
  • Norberto Mata Fabian, 38 from Hemet
  • Pablo Joaquin Miguel, 32 from San Jacinto
  • Mica Justin Messinger, 42 from Covina
  • Ezra Alphonzo Wright, 24 from Moreno Valley
  • Donald Wayne Patterson, 40 from Redlands
  • Isiah Roberts, 26 from Hemet
  • Ricardo Martinez, 52 from Yorba Linda
  • Jose Rodriguez, 29 from Hemet
  • Kairo Antonio Lopez Madrano, 31 from Bermuda Dunes
  • Jose Luis Delgadillo Jimenez, 49 from Cathedral City
  • Brandon Jamison Williams, 43 from Banning
  • Calvin Ron Kohler, 34 from Indio

Saturday January 27, 2024

  • Monique Reana Jenkins, 26 from Hemet
  • Marco Antonio Solis, 30 from Perris
  • Victor Manuel Esparza, 48 from Perris
  • Raymond Gary Cashman, 48 from Perris
  • Yojanes Burgos Vazquez, 34 from Victorville
  • Christopher Guy Byers, 26 from Rancho Cucamonga
  • Andres Torres Calsada, 42 from Perris
  • Cesar Torres, 29 from Perris
  • Deshamier Breon Burris, 31 from Moreno Valley
  • Miguel Lopez Anguiano, 33 from Perris
  • Carlos Lopez Hernandez, 21 from Hemet
  • Mario Raul Alvarez, 41 from Perris
  • Jaime Lopez Marquez, 42 from Riverside
  • Oscar Alegria, 30 from Menifee
  • Brayan Delrio, 26 from Menifee
  • Alejandro Mateo Zacarias, 39 from Perris
  • Shedrick Griggs, 33 from Burbank
  • Christopher Vallejo, 36 from Moreno Valley
  • Jaime Marcelo Ramirez, 28 from Riverside
  • Abolfazl Niavarani, 46 from Hacienda Heights
  • Oscar Delgado Guzman, 29 from Perris
  • Enrique Lopez Lopez, 26 from Perris

Subjects arrested during this operation were transported to the detention center in closest proximity to the operational area(s) each day. Arrests charges were filed for various crimes, including pimping, pandering, solicitation of prostitution, resisting arrest, felony evasion, outstanding warrants, drug-related crimes, and other various crimes.

The Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force seeks to disrupt and dismantle sex trafficking rings operating within Riverside County and will aggressively identify, pursue, and apprehend those who seek to exploit those who are most vulnerable. Through proactive enforcement operations, RCAHT works to reduce future demand for sex trafficking by identifying and arresting sex buyers and rescuing those forced into sexual servitude.

The Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force was formed in 2010. RCAHT addresses crimes involving the exploitation of victims via force, fraud, or coercion. These cases often involve the commercial sex trafficking of children, as well as incidents of forced labor, indentured servitude, debt bondage, or slavery. The RCAHT Task Force is a multidisciplinary task force that combines the investigative resources of both local and federal law enforcement. The RCAHT Task Force also provides victim services and education/outreach through partnerships with various organizations such as Operation SafeHouse, Rebirth Homes, Run 2 Rescue, REACH and Million Kids. RCAHT works closely with the Barbra Sinatra Children’s Center to provide local education and victim advocacy. The law enforcement component of RCAHT is currently composed of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigations, and Homeland Security Investigations,

If you, or anyone you know has been a victim of human trafficking, you can contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at (888) 373–7888, contact your local law enforcement department, or contact RCAHT.

For more information, visit the Sheriff’s RCAHT’s website.

For media inquiries regarding this incident please contact the Media Information Bureau.

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