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Once upon a time there was a fellow who attended a basketball game at a local high school. He walked into the dingy gym to watch one of the nation’s top ranked teams play. He was amazed by the skill of these young athletes – flying through the air with lay-ups and slam-dunks – not to mention their incredible running and shooting skills.

But as good as these players were the thing that held his attention were the cheerleaders – not for their talents or their outfits. No – what caught his attention most was one cheer they shouted over and over: “You’ve got it, now use it. You’ve got it, now use it.” It reminds me of the legendary story of David and Goliath.

This historical event took place over three thousand years ago but the conditions leading up to the confrontation with Goliath could have happened yesterday. Israel was in a time of national distress with leadership failing to protect and serve as they cowered before a defiant and corrupt enemy. David came up to bat leaving the paralyzed army of Israel in the dust. He charged forward, challenging evil with only the Lord on his side, having everything he needed except the cheerleaders shouting: “You’ve got it, now use it.” He alone stood with God and not only confronted darkness but he prevailed against it.

Our nation’s current civic and moral plights have been front and center these days with good cause! We have a literal tug-of-war going on between right vs wrong – good vs evil as we experience moral free-fall. Christ-followers can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines wishy-washy and weak-kneed; survival mode has to be a thing of the past as we step up to bat and become the David’s of our generation. As A.W. Tozer remarked: “A scared world needs a fearless church!” P

roverbs 31:8 encourages us to “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” What will our nation soon look like if we don’t use the voice God gave us to speak up for freedom and justice?! At the price of unity, many today are silent but God’s unity is a unity of diversity, not a unity of conformity, so use your voice! Jeremiah, after complaining to God how wretched his generation was becoming, was given this reply: “You must influence them; do not let them influence you!” That’ll preach!! As a whole, we are a blessed people and we are blessed to be a blessing! We need to stand-up, step-up, amp-up, voice-up, rev-up, fire-up – geze – just pick one and do it.

There are more of us standing for truth than we realize – remember Chick-fil-A? People lined up for blocks to support them when they were threatened with boycott over their support of traditional marriage. For those of you reading this who need a verse to get-it-in-gear, check out Proverbs 3:27-28: “Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. Never tell your neighbors (or whomever) to wait until tomorrow if you can help them now.” Easter is right around the corner and that means my family will soon be over for dinner. We usually end the day with a few rounds of that popular game Rummy Cube.

If you know the game, there are two “wild cards” which can be played at any time and then moved around by other players. However – there are several in my family who hang onto those “wild cards” when they get them, playing them only right before they go out. It drives me crazy! Play that wild card so we can all benefit from it and have a better and more exciting game. We are in a “play the wild card” situation if ever there was one! Like David, we have a cause, and again like David this cause will summon all of our strength, talent, and time if we are to see truth, justice, and morality ever again be established in our great nation.

Richelle Goodrich said it all with this: “It’s impossible to be involved in all situations, but there’s no excuse not to be involved in something, somewhere, somehow, with someone. Make an ounce of difference.”

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