Saving the environment


(Saving the environment)

Let’s see if I have a grip on saving the environment. Due to plastic bags polluting the environment and causing damage to sea life, we Californians have to take our own bags to stores selling food. If you forget your bags when shopping at a food market you may purchase a bag for a dime. But that bag is made of what? PLASTIC! But if you purchase products from merchants not selling food, your purchases are put in a plastic bag. DUH!

Dine in restaurants can no longer automatically give you a plastic straw because they, too, are damaging the sea life and polluting the environment. But drive-through restaurants can still provide you with a plastic straw. Now which eating out scenario is most likely not to dispose of its drink cup and straw properly? The drive-through, right? So what’s the point here?

Add in the disposal of cigarette butts!

BUT ——The homeless are not contributing to polluting the environment? What about the attracting and breeding of rodents as in RATS? No pollution or danger to have human feces and urine on streets? None whatsoever in hypodermic needles laying in streets? Needles not disposed of properly?

The worse legislation passed was the legislation of “POT” sales and usage. Marijuana is still a mind altering drug. Now some cities are offering safe places to shoot one’s self up with heroin or other injectable drugs. Is this not enabling drug use? Are those needles going to be disposed of properly?

Where is the fine line between plastic bags, plastic straws pollution versus human waste, hypodermic needles polluting the environment.

Just curious

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