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We’re all in big trouble Climate panel sees a dire future

Study: Four major climate tipping points close to triggering

Even if the world somehow manages to limit future warming to the strictest international temperature goal, four Earth-changing climate “tipping points” are still likely to be triggered with a lot more looming as the planet heats more after that, a new study said.

17 states weigh adopting California’s electric car mandate

Seventeen states with vehicle emission standards tied to rules established in California face weighty decisions on whether to follow that state’s strictest-in-the nation new rules that require all new cars, pickups and SUVs to be electric or hydrogen powered by 2035.

Harris cites climate ‘crisis,’ pushes $1B for floods, storms

Vice President Kamala Harris called climate change an “immediate” and “urgent” crisis Monday as she detailed more than $1 billion in federal spending to respond to disasters such as deadly flooding in Kentucky and wildfires ravaging her home state of California.

Most major nations lag in acting on climate-fighting goals

For most of the major carbon-polluting nations, promising to fight climate change is a lot easier than actually doing it. In the United States, President Joe Biden has learned that the hard way.

An Explosion of Non-Degree Course Offerings

In 2012, the Columbia Mailman School launched the first academic public health program in climate and health anywhere. Now, the School is launching an intensive summer bootcamp that gives participants the latest science on the health impacts of climate change, along with practical approaches to mitigation and adaptation that they can apply to their professional work.

Energy agency: Methane emissions higher than countries claim

The International Energy Agency said Wednesday that emissions of planet-warming methane from oil, gas and coal production are significantly higher than governments claim.

US could see a century’s worth of sea rise in just...

America’s coastline will see sea levels rise in the next 30 years by as much as they did in the entire 20th century, with major Eastern cities hit regularly with costly floods even on sunny days, a government report warns.

Climate Crisis Linked to Spread of Illness, Disease, Early Mortality in...

The United States must rapidly implement an all-encompassing, evidence-informed response to climate change that prioritizes and optimizes health and equity, according to new research released by an international research collaboration of 40 academic institutions, United Nations agencies from every continent, and a diverse group of health experts from over 70 leading U.S. institutions, organizations, and centers. 

Records show slow response to report of California oil spill

The Coast Guard received the first report of a possible oil spill off the Southern California coast more than 12 hours before a company reported a major leak in its pipeline and a cleanup effort was launched, records show.

California spill came 52 years after historic oil disaster

The weekend oil leak along the Southern California coast happened not far from the site of the catastrophe more than a generation ago that helped give rise to the modern environmental movement itself: the 1969 Santa Barbara spill.