The biggest lie about COVID


Excluding the origin story of COVID, I believe the biggest lie in the handling of COVID is the lie around asymptomatic spread — i.e., you could have the virus and not know it and kill people. This has been the great distraction of COVID, and it is being used even today to distract from major issues.

For those who have been monitoring the research, we have suspected since fairly early on that having otherwise healthy people and asymptotic people wear a mask has no known benefit in preventing viral spread. Even the peer-reviewed journal articles on the CDC website testify to this. If this statement was true then and is true now, then how did the CDC come to recommend in April of 2020 that healthy people wear masks? Why does the CDC continue to recommend mask-wearing? Just as importantly, how did we the people come to believe that forcing healthy people to wear a mask might be necessary?

The “scientists” at the CDC have demanded we suspend our understanding of all known viral transmission knowledge and believe that asymptotic spread is possible, and therefore we needed everyone to wear a mask to “slow the spread.” “Slow the spread” has been a popular and hugely successful slogan but appears to have no basis in scientific reality.

Many of us knew this to be a lie by mid-2020. In December 2020, the CDC acknowledged the lie that had occurred. Asymptotic spread does not occur with COVID — i.e., only people with symptoms are contagious! This report in The Federalist is illuminating, and if true, this should be a focus of efforts in combating the hysteria around the delta variant.

It appears to say you are contagious with COVID in the same way you would be with strep throat, the flu, a cold, etc. — when you have a fever and other symptoms. This revelation was huge, yet the connection to the big lie has not been made that I can find, and so I try to make the connection here.

I believe that this lie — that you can sicken someone even if you have no symptoms — provides the foundation of the other lies that have been and continue to be told about COVID death and illness. This lie stokes the fear, for example, that I could kill my mom or dad, my grandmother or grandfather, or an elderly relative simply because I did not wear a mask while otherwise feeling healthy. This peer-reviewed journal article that is referenced appears to show that if you have no fever, you are not contagious, and wearing a mask is pointless.

Could my kid kill another kid if he appeared healthy, had no symptoms, and went to school with COVID? Dr. Fauci provided the foundation for guilting all of America by saying things like you could kill your grandma or grandpa if you don’t wear a mask when around them. We have been leaving the elderly to die alone because of this premise. Many of us wore masks for some time because although we doubted the science on COVID’s viral transmission, we believed Dr. Fauci and others about the asymptomatic spread being “possible.” If this was not a naturally occurring virus, perhaps the rules of transmission were different. This lie has allowed us to doubt ourselves and the science, and it has distracted us with the masking debate. This is the lie that we need to focus on to return to normal. Unless you have a fever or other symptoms, you are not contagious and can’t infect others.

Think about the implications: had we treated COVID like all other illnesses, schools and daycares would have been protected with enhancements to existing “sick” protocols. If you have a fever and get to the building, you are separated and isolated until a parent can come and get you. If you have a fever, you must stay away until you are fever-free for 24–48 hours. Schools could remain open with only heightened diligence and monitoring for fever.

Americans who want to return to normal need to push this approach — keep people with a fever out of schools, daycares, and medical settings. The fact that primarily symptomatic people spread the virus is further proof that masking healthy people is pure political theater.

If that is not enough for you, read this court opinion from Kentucky. Skim to the summary of the expert witnesses. This is a must-read. A court has weighed actual evidence and testimony regarding masks. Under oath, a real health and safety expert explains the science or lack thereof regarding masks and COVID. N95 and cloth masks cannot filter the COVID particles because of the small size of those particles.

If we want to eliminate the maskers’ screaming at us, we have to educate people that asymptomatic spread is a lie. Instead of spending energy on telling people to “wear the damn mask,” I think that energy would be better spent telling people that if you have a fever and other symptoms, then please try to stay away from people.

We can win this science-based argument because it is grounded in two centuries of established medical science. Please help me change the narrative, expose the underlying lie, and drop the curtain on this absurd theater.

Maker S. Mark (a pseudonym) is a proud American patriot asking questions every day to help people understand current events.

Maker S. Mark | Columnist

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