The Car Guy’s Guide to Tailgating


(The Car Guy’s Guide to Tailgating)

Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy,

Ok, Football season is here, and my favorite team won their season opener Monday night by a field goal in the last seconds of the game. 

Who Dat You say?

Whether your team is winning tail gaiting is fun. No not when you are driving but when you are parked. If you haven’t ever tailgated here is what you need. The Car Guy is going to help you out and show you how to combine your passion for cars, football, and fun. Just add food, drinks, and good friends, and pre-game just may become the best part of game day. Many football fans are experts at this and Jeff, Rolando and I have seen evidence of this when we took the Cops4Kids and Communities kids to the Chargers vs. Saints preseason game last month (yep Saints won that game too).

Here are things you need for a great pre-game tailgate party:

Folding Chairs

You’re likely going to set up shop three or four hours before game time, so you’ll need plenty of comfortable places to sit. Why not choose a folding chair with your favorite car logo–Mopar, Camaro, Mustang, or of course your team! 

Folding Table

The best part of tailgating is eating. You need to have a place to set your food and drink, so we recommend a fold-up table with the car logo of your choice. 

Power Inverter

Want music in your tailgating area? Hoping to catch some of the pre-game coverage on TV? There are lots of reasons to have electricity available in your tailgating spot, and a power inverter can make it happen. 

Outdoor Grill

Part of the fun of tailgating is clogging your arteries with brats and red meat. And the only thing more manly than grilling out in a parking lot is doing it with a grill that looks cool like a toolbox.

Vintage or Team Cooler

Bring a little old school to the party with a vintage automotive, Coca-Cola cooler or a Tommy Bahama cooler. You can also keep your choice of drinks cold and tailgate with style.

Can Koozie – Assorted colors, of course, that way you don’t drink someone else’s drink. There are manlier options to keep your beverages cold. They’ve also got car-themed tumblers and mugs for all your beverage-consumption needs.

Toolbox  – I’ve seen fishermen use toolboxes for tackle boxes why not use a toolbox to organize your tailgating essentials–bottle openers, trash bags, spatulas, wood skewers, hand sanitizer, or whatever.

Part cart or wagon

Our detailer uses them on the lot; heck bring one to the game.

You can use your part totes to transport your tailgating gear to and from the stadium and then store it in between events.

Bean Bag toss Games

Some people throw the pigskin around. Others play corn hole. Nothing wrong with that if that’s your thing, but look for fun skill games to toss around.

The key is to have fun enjoy the moment; in fact, practice in your driveway; let me know how it goes even if the neighbors think you are weird.

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