The Coming Dawn


A new era, a new beginning is coming on January 20th, 2021. It would seem that a poem by Catherine Pulsifer was written within the past few days but it was written long before our Capitol building was attacked by seditious right-wing thugs whose intention was to overthrow the will of the people and their votes. Take the symbolism of this poem to heart and reflect upon its meaning. The hate, the anger, the violence of the last four years can and will be overcome. A more compassionate tolerant and peaceful time is coming, beginning with the inauguration of Joe Biden. Celebrate a return to the time when America was a shining beacon of hope to the aspiring people of the world. It is a new beginning, a new day, a new dawn.

The Dawn Comes

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

The night can seem so black

Any hope we have seems under attack

It is hard to see, the sky is so dark

The stars are its only mark.

But then the dawn comes

Light shines upon our problems

The sun comes up, the light we see

The darkness gone, we are set free.

The sky is full of color to amaze

The clouds look like they are ablaze

We have before us a new day

The dawn can bring hope, many say.

Appreciate the beauty, stop and look

The sky can change your outlook.

The first sign of light, the darkness disappears

The morning dawn can erase our fears.

Be thankful for this dawn, this day

Be the best you can be in every way

Good morning to the dawn this day

Life is good, not just okay!

Dick Gale • Contributer

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