Top 5 Netflix Original Movies

Netflix is becoming a great hit in the cinematic field, and here are some of their best movies

Top 5 Netflix Original Movies

5. The fundamentals of caring (2016)
A story of friendship and growth, and is based on the same name book. Follows a caregiver and his teenage charge taking a road trip and their adventures through it.

The fundamentals of caring (2016) Rob Burnett

4. Alex Strangelove (2018)
Smart humor and a fearlessly progressive approach. A real 21 st Century love story, perfect for teens who are trying to find themselves and are starting to explore their sexuality.

Alex Strangelove (2018) Craig Johnson

3. Set it up (2018)
Two young folks in their 20s are overworked and underpaid, so they concoct a plan to make their bosses date together, but they didn’t realize that love doesn’t work that way.

Set it up (2018) Claire Scanlon

2. Gerald’s Game (2017)
Based on the novel by Stephen King, this movie is a total train wreck and shows us that our biggest fears are in our own heads.

Gerald’s Game (2017) Mike Flanagan

1. Okja (2017)
A dystopian future that resembles a tiny bit of our present, Okja tells the story of a little girl that will do anything to save her friend and how corporations can be different as they seem to be.

Okja (2017) Bong Joon-ho


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