Understanding the import of Biden’s White House ‘pride’ bash


Andrea Widburg | American Thinker

We’ve been inundated with unseemly images showing Joe Biden’s decision to turn the White House into a prop for a “pride” celebration. Taken together, the images show we are witnessing a cultural coup that is as noteworthy as the slow-mo lawfare coup being carried out against Trump and his supporters. Still, there are heartening signs of rebellion.

Way back in the dim mists of time, the concept of “pride” came about because the gay rights movement told homosexuals (men and women) that they did not need to be ashamed of their sexual orientation. Being unashamed is not the same as being proud. However, in the first heady days of gay liberation, ordinary homosexual men and women embraced the concept of “pride.” Warnings that “pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall” fell on deaf ears, while straight people adopted a “live and let live” mindset. Indeed, many straight men embraced San Francisco’s Gay Pride parade, complete with its “Dykes on Bikes” participants—hundreds of topless women.

The gay rights movement also got attention during AIDS. This was both negative attention because gay men’s sexual excesses sparked the epidemic and sympathetic attention because the men, mostly young, died horribly. Still, with huge help from Hollywood, which included sympathetic or funny gays in everything, the Overton window on homosexuality shifted to acceptance. The big push began in 2008 when Americans were repeatedly told they were “haters” if they objected on any basis to same-sex marriage. The pro-gay movement accelerated after that, aided by the fact that Obama “evolved” on the subject (perhaps aided by what Tucker Carlson recently termed his “strange and highly creepy personal life”). By 2015, when the Supreme Court found an imaginary right to gay marriage in the Constitution, most Americans passively accepted that result. What Americans did not see, though, was that, for the leftists who wanted the “fundamental transformation” of America, the LGBTQ++ movement was a perfect vehicle for that transformation. The need for food and the pleasure that comes from sex are the two strongest human motivators.

They will override all other needs, desires, emotions, etc. Getting several generations hooked on non-procreative, government-approved sex was easy. For decades now, leftists have been using the LGBTQ++ issue to break up families and to acquire children’s permanent loyalty. And, once those children have been surgically and chemically mutilated, they also depend on government largesse for a lifetime of treatment. No wonder Democrats love the LGBTQ++ movement. And that’s why, on June 10, Joe Biden turned the White House over to the LGBTQ++ crowd. They gave the alphabet flag pride of place on the front of the White House. (And yes, technically, there was an American flag flying waaay above the eye-popping “pride” display, but Democrats knew that the image that would make headlines would be of the LGBTQ++ flag at the center of it all.)

Then there was the fulsome and dishonest speech from Joe and Jill Biden. From Jill: “…one of the most exciting events…an all-American picnic…you’re not just leaders and icons. You’re parents…so many battles yet to be brave…celebrate the beauty and resilience of this community…you are beautiful…you are loved…” From Joe: “…all men and women are created equal, endowed by their Creator, et cetera… honor the extraordinary…courage and contributions of the LGBTQ community…a person can be married in the morning and thrown out of a restaurant for being gay in the afternoon…I see courage. Courage…Well, I see more courage on this lawn than I’ve seen in any time in the recent past.” [Note: Biden was at the Air Force Academy just a few days earlier.] And of course, there was Rose Montoya, a fake woman who joined with other so-called “transgender” activists to hang with Biden and to show their respect for the American executive branch by stripping down to reveal mastectomy scars and artificial boobs on the White House lawn: So, what does all this mean? This means that we are looking at the New World Order. After all, you can tell what a culture is by what its leadership celebrates.

What this leadership is celebrating is sexual excess, deviant sexual behavior, child grooming, and profound body mutilation. And while Joe may be a semi-senile, highly corrupt buffoon, he is still the most prominent, public face of the American nation. However, there is good news, too. It turns out that Americans don’t like having their nation represented by sexual deviance and child grooming. Polls show that Americans are ceasing to be tolerant and becoming hostile to the endless propaganda and obvious lies. Children, especially, are finally doing what children should do, which is rebelling against the adults shoveling fecal matter their way. In uber-leftist California, a teacher had to threaten angry students who didn’t want to see another “pride” polemic in class.

The same thing happened at a middle school in equally uber-leftist Vermont. There, activists reported with horror that, at the Marshall Simonds Middle School celebration of LGBTQ++ pride, “Students wore red, white and blue clothing, chanted ‘my pronouns are USA’ and destroyed rainbow decorations at the school.” Lincoln reminded us that, even if you call a dog’s tail a leg, that dog still has only four legs. Likewise, he is reputed to have said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Perhaps all the American people are finally getting tired of being fooled.

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