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Rusty Strait | Senior Reporter

The question has come up many times in my writing career. Frankly, there are no specific answers. One day, fiction tops the chart; another day, non-fiction does. When “Gone With the Wind” was published, writers started clicking on their manual typewriters to emulate other sagas, and so it went. Non-fiction takes center stage when popular issues carry messages that invite the writer to dive in, like Alaskan Novels, for instance.

You may be utterly surprised, but if you don’t believe me, check the web and see the surge in interest for gay books, both fiction and non-fiction. Why is this? Primarily, I believe it’s driven by straight parents who discover one of their little darlings has identified as LGBTQ+, which is becoming way more common than you may think. They want to understand what “causes” it. Nothing causes it. Scientists have thoroughly examined this and come to the conclusion that it is genetic, and in males, it mainly comes from the mother, rather than the father. It is common for twin boys to be gay. Social connections between teenagers have made LGBTQ+ individuals more accepted than in previous generations. Do you know any teenager without a LGBTQ+ friend?

The Catholic church has always frowned upon same-sex unions. In today’s paper, Pope Francis has suggested there could be ways to bless same-sex unions. Pope Francis has also stated further, “Matrimony is a union between a man and a woman,” but when responding to questions about homosexual unions and blessings, he said, “pastoral charity requires patience and understanding, and that regardless, priests cannot become judges who only deny, reject, and exclude.” I take no position on the issue. I am only responding to many requests about what sells books, and what sells books are facts. Almost every major publisher is doing great business with gay books that are often turned into films.

I haven’t had a chance to read all my emails this week and will try some other writing enigmas next time. Hold your breath. I’ll be back. Just sayin’.

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