8 Riverside-San Bernardino apartments under $800 a month


Riverside, CA

Evan Crosby | Contributor

For the last few decades, many people have been moving from the more expensive cities in Southern California, particularly Los Angeles, into the less expensive cities of San Bernardino and Riverside in the Inland Empire.

Unfortunately, all of this population growth has pushed the average cost of renting an apartment to more than $2,100 a month. However, with some careful research, you can still find rental housing options in the Inland Empire that rent for less than $800 a month.

1. Highlander at North Campus Student Housing – Riverside

If you are a college student looking for budget-friendly off-campus housing, this property has four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartments starting at just $619 a person/bedroom.

Amenities include partially-paid utilities, controlled access for more security, and a swimming pool and fitness center.

2. Country Lake Mobile Home Community – San Jacinto

If you are 55-or-older, and willing and able to live farther out from the immediate San Bernardino and Riverside area, this community has mobile homes available that start at $725 a month.

Residents enjoy a pool and clubhouse, laundry facilities, and extra storage space.

3. The Glen – San Bernardino

Another affordable student housing community. The Glen features five-bedroom, five-bathroom apartments that start at just $715 a person/bedroom.

Community amenities include things like a pool and fitness center, in-unit washer and dryer, and a close walk to campus.

4. 3861 Taft St – Riverside

This property sometimes has a one-bedroom and one shared bathroom apartment available for $700 a month.

Amenities include laundry facilities and a smoke-free living environment.

5. Villa Park – San Bernardino

The Villa Park apartments occasionally have one-bedroom units that rent for as low as $695 a month. That also includes water and trash removal.

Residents enjoy a swimming pool, on-site laundry facilities, and high-speed internet access.

6. University Village Towers – Riverside

This affordable student housing community has four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartments that start at $740 a person per month.

In addition to partially paid utilities, amenities include a pool, fitness center, laundry facilities, and controlled access for more security.

7. University Crest Apartments – Riverside

7. University Crest Apartments – Riverside

Community amenities include things like a swimming pool, spa, and laundry facilities.

8. Annex on Chicago – Riverside

Finally, this last apartment community has one-bedroom units available for around $787 a month.

Residents enjoy Wi-Fi, curbside trash pickup, and controlled access for more security.

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  1. These listings appear to be only for students. I hope one day that all third-generation people can be provided with the opportunity to just rent based on their income and not call it Low Income housing. There is such a stigma attached to anything titled Low Income. Across the United States, government needs to be able to provide housing based soley on third generation income, the same way as students and Veterans.

  2. who’s in on the SCHEME? It seems that the Government should have control over the rental issues. These landlords are over doing it as far as rent goes. No one can afford $1,200, for a studio apartment, $1,500 and up for a one and two bedroom. It is ridiculous. Doesn’t the Government have a say so in this matter. People need housing, that’s why we have so many people stealing, robbing, and beating up each other. The stress of high prices for food, gas, rent the daily
    essentials we need and can’t afford is enough to make anyone lose their dignity. It doesn’t help to stop the SNAP program either. We are human beings, we need to eat. Everything is ALL wrong, and it starts at the dambed POLITICIANS. We the people must act now, speak up, let them know what’s on your minds and how you’re going to handle it. This is getting out hand.


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