A beautiful afternoon capped of by a ribbon-cutting, astatic food and great coffee


The Hemet-San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Destination Coffeehouse Tuesday, July 16 to celebrate new member Laurel Netherton of AFLAC.

Mrs. Hemet, Valerie Vandeveer, and Jodie True, Center Director of Sylvan Learning, John Peterson, Certified Insurance Counselor for DFI Insurance and Richard “The Hemet car guy,” Perry, Chairman of the Board of the Coz and owner of VIP Auto, were all in attendance. “The business community is what helps fuel our wider community. I would just like to offer congratulations to Laurel Netherton of Aflac and the Destinations Coffeehouse. AFLAC is a great organization,” said Peterson.

RIBBON-CUT: People who attended the ceremony are now getting ready for the celebration. | Photo by Mark Lentine

CoC board member Patricia Scott explained how the Chamber of Commerce is vital for local businesses. “I own Virtue Services Consulting, which is a bookkeeping organization. Laurel had a client that needed bookkeeping services, so she referred that client to me. To help Laurel in her business, we nominated her to cut the ribbon at today’s ceremony. The Chamber of Commerce is all about businesses helping businesses. I’m so excited for Laurel; she’s a very active person in the community. She’s a real asset. And the Destination Coffeehouse is a beautiful setting.”

Lakshman Koka, immediate past President of the Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Koka and Associates, was glad to have Laurel Netherton from AFLAC as new members. “The grand opening is always a great opportunity to network with other businesses and to share information with other business members. For example, I am the CEO of Dr. Koka and Associates, along with my wife, Dr. Vidhya Koka. Well, our employees are covered by Workmen’s Compensation, but we are not. When Laura explained that to us, we were grateful that AFLAC was there.”

FUN MOMENT: Cyndi Lemke having fun at the Destination | Photo by Mark Lentine

Destination Coffeehouse co-owners Patricia Yepremian, and son Nick couldn’t have been more pleased with the turnout. “Last week we held a women’s empowerment conference here, and this week we have our ribbon-cutting ceremony. We’re here for the community just as the Chamber of Commerce is here for us,” said Nick Yepremian.

Laurel Netherton of AFLAC couldn’t have been happier. “I’m overwhelmed by the care and concern of the Chamber of Commerce members. To put me in charge of the ribbon-cutting ceremony to promote AFLAC and my business and the wonderful Destination Coffeehouse is just amazing. The food and drinks here are fantastic,” said Netherton.

“One of the many ways we maximize our membership is by offering a ribbon-cutting ceremony. It is really important that businesses find a platform to tell the public who they are, what they do, and why people should come to them. The Chamber of Commerce loves to give that platform to our members.,” said Cindy Lemke, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, adding, “I…we, want members who are going to be engaged and involved in our community, just as you see Laurel here from AFLAC and this wonderful crowd enjoying the food and drinks and ambiance at the destination coffee house.”
The beautiful afternoon was yet another success for the Hemet San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce.

CONVERSATION: Captain Leonard Purvis and Hemet-San Jacinto CoC members. | Photo by Mark Lentine


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