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Deshaun Watson is a Pro-bowl football player, he is entering his third year in the league and many are already talking about how he might be the number one Quarterback in the NFL. This summer he decided to tackle a different part of his life and connect with God on a deeper level. Deshaun Watson was joined by his Quarterback Coach Quincy Avery. While in Israel they got to experience many things that a lot of Christians dream of being able to see.

This journey for Deshaun was about growth and reconnecting his relationship with God and the baptism serves as a public declaration of his faith for the rest of the world to see. He let his 1 million Instagram followers in on the fun, going live during the baptism so everyone could experience the moment with him.

Deshaun Watson Doing What He Loves

While on the trip Deshaun got to swim in the Sea of Galilee (The body of water where Jesus called Peter a “Fisher of men”) A surreal experience since many of the bible stories you grow up learning about take place either on the Sea of Galilee or around it. He got to see “Jesus’ hometown” and take a tour of it, also got to see where Mary Magdalene grew up.

“This is a part of the world which gets a lot of attention internationally, and this is a chance for me to look beyond the headlines and learn more about the history and culture of this land,” Deshaun said about his time in Israel, He was asked what it meant to him and he said, “I have been blessed to visit many countries around the world, but the chance to visit the Holy Land, see the sites and meet the people of this special place, truly is a special blessing and an amazing opportunity.”

Deshaun Watson also got to see one of the oldest churches/temples that we know of. The highlight of the trip for Deshaun Watson was being baptized in the same waters that Jesus was baptized in (Matthew 3:14), for many Christians this would be something that they would love to experience and Deshaun knows how meaningful this event was for him. he told a radio station, “To be baptized in the waters of the Jordan River, sail on the Sea of Galilee, I am truly in awe of this wonderful land and the wonderful people who live here.”


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