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Who are the Queens of the Mountain Pass League?

In the girl’s Mountain Pass League Division Hemet High is sitting on top with an 2-0 record, with two decisive victories over Citrus Hill and Beaumont. The Hemet Bulldogs have built a team that focuses on defense. They pride themselves on forcing teams into low-scoring games and in league play it seems to be working well so far. The Lady-Dogs held both Citrus Hill and Beaumont to 29 points in their matchups. If the Bulldogs keep playing like that they will certainly be in the mix for the league championship. Right now the Bulldogs have scored the most overall points in the league and they are knocking on the 1,000 point door. They are sitting with 945 points scored.

The Tahquitz Titans are currently in second place in the league. These girls have been playing their hearts out. Even though their overall record is 4-10, their league record is 2-0 with wins over West Valley and Citrus Hill. Their next two games against Beaumont and Hemet will be real tests for them to see where they stand amongst the competition in the division. The team is being led by Charleen Garnett and her scoring consistency. She is one of the better pure shooters in the league and the league’s fourth-leading scorer. Right now Garnett is averaging 50% from the field. She will look to continue her streak into the coming weeks before playoffs start.

Beaumont is struggling a little bit right now, even though they have two of the top five leading scorers in the league on their team. They have a 1-1 record in the league. They started out with a win against San Jacinto, but lost to Hemet. The Cougars have shown inconsistently at times this season and seem to play their best when their leading lady Jada Long has the ball. When Jada Long is hitting her shots and running a “Pick n Roll” concept with her low post threat Jana Roman, the team is hard to stop. Long is the leading scorer of the league at the moment averaging 16 points per game and Jana Roman is averaging 11 points per game. The two of them are a force when in sync and the Cougars coach needs to get them working on the same page as the season continues.

Even though San Jacinto lost to Beaumont they turned around and beat West Valley. San Jacinto is in the middle of the pack right now but their main lady Jayme Mejia has looked really dominate times this season. She is the second-highest leading scorer averaging 11.8 points per game. Her highest scoring game this season was against Jurupa Valley where she put in 20 points. Mejia is shooting at 62% at the moment and playing really great basketball. 

Citrus Hill’s Kealani Waters has been playing amazing basketball. Averaging 11.2 points per game and trying everything she can to keep her team in it. Unfortunately, Citrus Hill is struggling to click as a unit. They have an 0-2 record in the league and it hasn’t really been close. West Valley isn’t in a much better spot, they started off looking promising but have been flat in the league play part of the season. West Valley also has a 0-2 record, but one of these teams will get a win in their next match up as they are set to face each other. 

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