California politics expert says close recall election could hurt Democrats in midterm election


Democrats’ enthusiasm for recall growing according to candidate for County Supervisor

A small group of people hung banners that read “Stop Recall Vote No” on both sides of the Riverside overpass on I-80 in Sacramento this morning.

Until today, there recently hasn’t been much enthusiasm from Democrats about the recall election which is reflected in the recent polls.

FiveThirtyEight released an average of 2021 California gubernatorial recall election polls yesterday showing 48.8 percent to keep the Governor and 47.6 percent to remove Gavin Newsom, much closer than expected a few months ago.

But Democrats’ enthusiasm to participate in the recall election has been growing the past couple weeks according to Duke Cooney, candidate for District 2 Sacramento County Supervisor.

“For a lot of Democrats it wasn’t something that we believed would happen,” Cooney said. “In the last two or three weeks I’ve seen so many Democratic clubs up the ante and really get involved in the conversation.” The Sacramento County Young Democrats are canvassing and are organizing to stop the recall efforts and have a hub where people can find volunteer opportunities.

Even Vice President Kamala Harris announced plans to come to California to support Governor Newsom. Removing Newsom and replacing him with one of the Republicans on the slate would be disruptive in many ways according to Cooney.

“It would disrupt jobs, disrupt appointments,” Cooney said. “So many people who thought they had job security would now be out of a job.”

Most think Newsom is going to hang on but it’s going to be much closer than first believed according to Sacramento State political science professor Wesley Hussey.

“And that might enthuse Republicans across the country,” Hussey said.

If Republicans keep the recall close then the chances of Democrats keeping the majority in the House of Representatives would be even less.

“You don’t want it to be very close in a recall election in a state like California if you’re a Democrat,” Hussey said. If the Governor is recalled, a Republican Governor would have to govern through executive action according to Hussey.

“It would look a lot like Trump’s last two years,“ Hussey said. “That will get really ugly because there is no way that Democrats will agree to a Republican Governor’s budget.” Even if Republicans recall Governor Newsom, they’ll choose an extremist like Larry Elder rather than a moderate like Kevin Faulkner Hussey said.

“Even if they’re pointing out flaws with the Democrats, their suggestions are so out of lockstep and with anyone that moderates and pragmatists are like ‘well they’re right about the Democrats but yikes,’” Hussey said. He thinks Democrats are going to lose seats in the House, a majority Democrats hold by just eight seats. “I’d say 60-65 percent chance the Republicans take the House,” Hussey said.

Cooney said California needs to rethink the system of recalls.

“Now you have not only a lesser amount of people voting than a regular election, you have a smaller subset that make up maybe 5 to 10 percent of the electorate that could decide who the Governor is,” Cooney said. The State cannot afford a disruption like Newsom being recalled according to Cooney.

“People are a paycheck away from losing their jobs and especially with COVID, the government really needs to find ways to support people,” Cooney said. “A recall is not something we need to be worried about right now.” This is original content from NewsBreak’s Creator Program. Join today to publish and share your own content.

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  1. Good… the Dems are scared. How out of touch do you have to be to think this is not the best thing to do right now, which is to listen to the people. That is why he’s being recalled because he doesn’t listen to the people!


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