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Monday, May 23, 2022

Killing God

A man saw a small boy drawing a picture and asked him, "What are you drawing?" "A picture of God," he replied. The man told the boy that no one knows what God looks like, to which the boy confidently responded, "They will when I get done!"


Local writer, Jacqueline Martin has written a compelling story of childhood mental, physical and sexual abuse. Despite the fact that it would have been better written by a more professional writer, it is a compelling story.

Incoming: Dust Devils

Al Capone. Back in the Roaring 20s, hearing that name could send shivers down your spine! Capone was Chicago’s most infamous prohibition-era crime boss. He was best known for his violence and ruthlessness in eliminating his rivals. Besides taking down seven rival gang members in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, he was not above killing on a more personal nature.

Beware…the Hippo!

The phone rings. Your child has the flu and has thrown up all over the sofa, and someone just rang your doorbell. You have a stack of books begging to be read, you still haven’t caught up with your emails, and your son needs to be dropped off at soccer practice. It’s really hard to remain focused these days, isn’t it?! Our lives are filled with the urgent, and we seem to have little to no time for the eternal and issues that really matter. It’s like a hippo in a garden - hard to see what truly matters with a large herbivorous creature taking front and center!

Cardiac Christians

Back in the 50s and 60s, when I was growing up, my father would often round up all of our rubbish, debris, and leaves, load them into his power-blue GMC pickup truck and haul everything off to the local dump. I often went with him, checking out all the cook junk - all sorts of things - broken furniture, old toys, broken appliances, etc. There is a saying among archeologists: “Man is best described by what he leaves behind.” I believe it. Even the Bible confirms this with a verse out of Hebrews 11:4: “He, being dead, yet he speaks” Apparently, both our trash and our lives speak well beyond the grave!

Women of the World Untie!

Yes, yes I know - the word 'unite' is misspelled. 'Untie' - 'unite' - but does it really matter? Does it matter if we say 2 + 2 = 11, or that a dog is an elephant?? Pretty crazy stuff, but I think we'd better get our "truth" act together or the mess we're allowing to creep into our families and through our communities will only get worse.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Returning to In-Person Meetings

All congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses across the world are being encouraged to begin holding in-person meetings during the week of April 1.

Who’s Your 911?

Years ago, we had a wonderful family plugged into our church. Mom, dad, and two kids - a son and a daughter. One day after our Sunday church service, the husband, whom I will call John, approached my husband for prayer. It seems that his business was slowing down and he desperately needed it to pick up and prosper. So Bob prayed with John for his business to thrive.

Does God Exist?

Yes, the Bible provides compelling evidence that God exists. It encourages us to build faith in God, not by blindly believing religious assertions, but by using our “power of reason” and “mental perception.” (Romans 12:1; 1 John 5:20, footnote) Consider the following lines of reasoning based on the Bible:

Global Methodist Church sets official launch date

With humility, hope and joy, a 17 member body of theologically conservative Methodist clergy and laity, known as the Transitional Leadership Council, is pleased to announce the Global Methodist Church will officially launch on May 1, 2022.