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Saturday, September 19, 2020

CNPA Statement on Journalists and Coverage

This is a time of unparalleled discord. We are rightly horrified by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We are legitimately frustrated by a pandemic that has threatened lives and livelihoods in unprecedented magnitude.

Video shows Amy Cooper, a white woman, call police on Christian...

A white woman called the NYPD and accused a black man of threatening her and her dog after an exchange that started when the man asked the woman to leash her dog in Central Park.

Watch where the money goes before the second COVID-19 wave hits

The federal funding spigot has been turned on full force to combat COVID-19. States also are putting money into the effort. Money is flowing to local, state, and federal agencies. Money is flowing to private contractors.

COVID-19: Pharmacy Benefit Managers Are Working for Patients

As the coronavirus takes hold in the United States and front-line health care providers are hard-pressed to treat those who are sick, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), along with health insurers, are working to help patients weather the pandemic.

VA deploys Mobile Vet Centers to increase outreach during COVID-19 outbreak

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) began deploying Mobile Vet Center units, the week of March 16, to expand direct counseling

Riverside University Health System Doctor Projects Explosive Coronavirus Rise

Riverside University Health System estimates indicate coronavirus cases in Riverside County will grow

COVID-19 Potential treatments

Drugs used to treat malaria and HIV show promise in treating Covid-19 Coronavirus. Many medical teams from China

Homeowner Acts in Self-Defense

On Wednesday, June 26, a man was fatally shot in an unincorporated area of East Hemet. The victim...

Fighting against alcohol-related crime

City of Hemet Police Chief Robert Webb has announced that the Hemet Police Department (HPD) has been awarded...

Firm’s contract to Advance Reforms in County Government Ends

RIVERSIDE (CNS) - The work of a global professional services firm hired nearly four years ago to initiate reforms...