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(policies and training)

The Hemet Police Department has heard the concerns across the nation and I wanted to take a moment to provide further information on certain questions raised regarding police policies and training. Your police department uses the Lexipol policy platform which provides the most up-to-date police policies that are not only consistent with Federal, State, and Local laws but nationwide best practices as well. Police Departments have been asked whether they have policies and procedures in place to address eight different use of force concerns. We have put together a quick reference guide in response to each of the eight areas of concern. For more information on our policies, please visit

Here at the Hemet Police Department, we believe in making every effort to acknowledge the challenges in our community and our profession. We recognize and honor our diversity while working together to make this community safe for all our citizens, visitors, and business owners. Our goal is to protect those interests while managing the risk for the City and protection our officers.

Eddie J. Pust

Chief of Police

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