Dear Editor


I love reading through the Chronicle each week, but this week, reading the editorial by Bob Franken just had me bristling! According to Franken, the Republican Party is “a party that is now home to almost all bigots.”

Really?! All the bigots are now in the Republican Party?? That’s truly amazing! One of the main definitions of the word “bigot” is “racist,” which was freely put to work in this article. I believe people in the United States are clearly growing weary of this term being thrown around like rice at a wedding!

There are, no doubt, bigots on both sides of the aisle, but our mammoth problem here is exactly the opposite of what Franken wrote in his piece. He dumps all the bias and deception onto one party, excluding any blame from his own. How in the world will people ever come together, with dishonesty like this being continuously spewed?!

Answer: it won’t.

Sincerely, Susan Beckett

Hemet, CA

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