Hemet Rotary 9/11 tribute


“This year has been a roller coaster, to say the least. From riots to coronavirus to a heavily weighted social climate, everyone has felt the tension of these difficult circumstances,” said James Fleming, Hemet Rotary Community Service Chair. As 9/11 approached, the Rotary Club of Hemet decided that they should pause from all those things and recognize the brave and dedicated souls of our community, the men and women of the Hemet Police and Fire Department.

Rotary is a service-based organization with one simple motto: Service Above Self. First responders live that motto every single day. While others sleep, they work. While others play, they save lives. Hemet Rotary felt that the least they could do was show up and show their support for the daily sacrifice our first responders make. Hemet Rotary is truly thankful for these dedicated men and women.

At 6 a.m. the morning of 9/11, members of the Rotary Club of Hemet teamed up with community leaders and met outside the Hemet Police Department to bring the officers coffee, donuts, and thank you cards. A prayer of safety and protection was said for the officers present and Hemet P.D.’s Chief Pust thanked Rotary for bringing positivity and unity during a tumultuous time. After that, the group visited four of the five Hemet Fire Stations to bring them the same gratitude, coffee, donuts, and cards.

Rotary is so grateful for the daily service of our community first responders. This was a day of remembering. This was a day to honor them.

-Stacey Bailey

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