How to Bring Comfort and Style to Your Outdoor Space


(How to Bring Comfort and Style)

(StatePoint) Whether it’s uncomfortable furniture or utilitarian light fixtures, you’re probably used to making some concessions when it comes to comfort, style and convenience in your home’s outdoor spaces.

What many homeowners are learning is that nearly anything that can be achieved in interior spaces can likewise be achieved in exterior ones. However, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to update these spaces safely and for maximum effect. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Create a “Room”

One aspect of creating the feel of a “room” in your home’s outdoor spaces is defining its boundaries. Get creative with the notion of floor, ceiling and walls. Sometimes, these elements work better when they’re more of a suggestion than an impermeable structure. Whether it’s a latticed trellis that allows you to view the stars, a manicured hedge to create privacy or a sunken “living room” set off by a retaining wall, there are plenty of charming means for setting an outdoor area apart from the space around it. If your project requires digging, it’s important to call 811, a free nationwide number, in order to determine where underground utility lines are and avoid them.

Air and Light

Think the form and function of ceiling fans, chandeliers and pendant lights are for interior spaces only? Think again. Such stylish fixtures can be added over patios, verandas or pergolas to add the level of elegance and comfort one could traditionally only enjoy indoors.

However, if you do plan to add any such electrical device to an exterior space, you must do so safely by opting for weatherproof installation, as well as fixtures designed specifically for the outdoors. Whether performing this upgrade on your own or hiring a contractor, consider products such as the “Outdoor Comforts” line from the Bell Outdoor brand of Hubbell Incorporated. The line’s new Bell Outdoor Ceiling Fan Box, which provides a safe and secure mounting and weatherproof wiring junction specifically for outdoor fans, chandeliers or pendant lights, is designed to enhance outdoor living spaces with the same convenience and comfort you enjoy indoors. To learn more about cost-effective solutions for upgrading outdoor areas with weatherproof fans or luminaires, visit

Finishing Touches

If it’s been awhile since you furnished your backyard, you may be surprised by the scope of weatherproof furnishings, cushions, pillows and even rugs available on the market today. If you’re overdue for an upgrade, consider padding out your patio to make the time spent in your outdoor space as comfortable as an afternoon curled up on the couch in the family room. To extend the life of certain items, you may want to bring them under cover during extreme weather events, as well as the off-season.

To extend your living space and entertain with ease, upgrade your outdoor spaces with safety and comfort in mind.

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