Letter to the Editor


Susan Beckett

I was truly saddened to read all the great publicity given by the Chronicle to the R-rated Paranormal Cirque coming to our valley this week, complete with trendy pictures. What a catch of free publicity for the dark-horror show! As if our nation isn’t seeing enough blood and gore with mass shootings each week – and with violence & sexual perversion at an all time high – we are now importing this sleaziness into our community!

Americans are a very tolerant group of people and have been conditioned for years to stomach all types of abhorrent public conduct. But – I can only hope that basic discernment hasn’t gone out the window. Are we now content with being entertained by depravity and lewdness?! In this hour, when our society is in dire need of morals and human decency, we should be doing everything in our power to promote decency and moral character for a healthy community.

Your paper has a unique opportunity each week to make difference – but, this week, you choose to advance baseness. So many are working so hard to bring healthy values to our valley. We are truly at a time when everyone who believes in godliness and decency needs to stand and be counted!!

Susan Beckett

Hemet, CA

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