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Susan Beckett | Contributed

It should be red-alert news that our President and Dr. Fauci both now have had covid. Why? Because we, the “non-vaxed” – have been endlessly harassed and ridiculed for not giving into the shot: we have been denied work, schooling, and social privileges etc on a mass scale over this jab!

We’ve been lectured and doggedly told that “If people get the vaccine they can feel safe they are not going to get covid.” So get it or else…loose your job…don’t attend college, stay home, etc

The definition of a vaccination is: “The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.” A great example of an actual vaccine is the smallpox or mumps vaccine. These give people true immunity and families are safe in the knowledge that they won’t end up getting either of those diseases. Not so with the covid jab!

So obviously, this was not true, and now even Biden – after two shots + two boosters – has had covid. Let’s say that again – he has now had 4 (FOUR) of these “trial and error” jabs. And to what avail?

So – my question: why still the vilification of those of us who choose to not participate in the shot? Any apologies on the horizon for us? It should be glaringly obvious by now that this is not a vaccine – it’s a jab that is still in the experimental stages, with evidence of harm to many who have taken it.

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