Letter to the Editor – August 06, 2020


(Letter to the Editor)

Lunatic fringe fascist fool Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is without a doubt the dumbest, most worthless member of Congress, and considering the laughably low intelligence level of the average lazy Republican racist officeholder these days, that’s really saying something! Rep. Gohmert is an imbecile and a sick scumbag, not to mention corrupt.

Lamebrain Louie Gohmert needs to resign from office immediately and begin preparing his legal defense against the multiple lawsuits headed his way for Gohmert maliciously forcing his staff members (by forbidding them from wearing masks or from working at home) and his colleagues (by Gohmert refusing to wear a mask while at work) to become infected with Gohmert’s COVID-19 disease, all because whiny little clueless conservative crybaby Gohmert the goofball has apparently been taking his medical advice from traitor Trump’s White House witch doctor named Dr. Demon Seed.

Resign, Louie Gohmert – you’re an idiot! And if dishonorable dimwit Louie the loser isn’t man enough to resign, just vote the Moscow-loving moron out of office on November 3rd right along with Gohmert’s god Donald Trump otherwise better known as Vladimir Putin’s puppet. Send sick psycho Louie Gohmert and his partner in crime demonic Donald Trump to Russia where those anti-American bigots belong.

Jake Pickering

Arcata, CA

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