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The Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre is accepting photos and resumes for the major character roles of Ramona, Alessandro, Senora, Juan Canito, Don Felipe, Father Salvedierra, Father Gaspara, Margarita, Luigo Dolores, Marda, Ysidro, Jefferson Hyer, Aunt Ri, and Joe. 

Ramona and Alessandro are the young star crossed lovers. Ramona is a young lady who has been raised in the convent and on the Rancho Moreno, but she is still a free spirit, yearning to find out why she doesn’t seem to fit in the genteel Spanish society. Alessandro is the son of the chief of the Temecula tribe. He leads the Sheep Shearers. He is dependable, honorable but also a young man with passion.

The Senora runs the Moreno Rancho. She is a widow, and her iron will have kept the rancho going since her husband’s death. Her son, Felipe, has been ill for some time, so the daily decisions have fallen on her shoulders. She could not do it without Juan Canito the foreman of the ranch. He is much of the comic relief in the first act, as he verbally battles with Marda, the cook for the entire family. Marda has a large family that includes the flirtatious Margarita and the mischievous Dolores. Luigo is a young man on the rancho who works Juan and flirts with Margarita.

Father Salvedierra is the spiritual leader of the rancho who cares deeply for Ramona and respects Alessandro. He is also a mentor to Felipe. As Felipe recovers from his illness, it is evident that he has also fallen in love with Ramona.  Ysidro is Alessandro’s cousin who works with Felipe and comes with Father Gaspara when they go to search for Ramona and Alessandro in the wilderness.

While in the wilderness Ramona meets the Hyer family, Jefferson Hyer, a strong, honorable man, Aunt Ri, a kind an loving soul, and their young son, Joe who provides some needed comic relief.

We are looking for experienced stage actors who can perform outdoors in various types of weather and also have the stamina to walk/run down trails and climb stairs. The strong vocal delivery is a must with the ability to take command of a large outdoor performance space.

Auditions for children’s roles will be held in January. We have openings for Children of the Rancho, Village Children and the ever-popular Rock Indians.

Auditions for cowboy roles are TBA. (Contact Dennis Anderson, Artistic Director at 951-232-5267 for details).

Actors interested in auditioning must submit their photo and resume by November 15 to  or mail to Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre, 27400 Ramona Bowl Rd., Hemet, Ca. 92544 Att: Auditions.

 The Artistic Director and staff will screen resumes. If selected, you will be asked to come to the Ramona Bowl for an interview. After the interview, you may be asked to audition. 

Rehearsals are held on weekends from January 25 -April 4 with performances at 3:30 pm on April 18-19, 25-26 and May 2-3.

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