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Sports Programs for Kids in the Community

Dwelling Place Christian School has created an after school program for parents in the community who seek a more fixed schedule for their kids. All children in the community are welcome; they don’t have to be attending the school to participate. Long-time member of the community and mentor to youth, Melvin “Coach” Carter is the Athletic Director for the school and oversees the program. The program was first created when the Vice Principal of the school Susanne Ryan noticed the need. 

Through experiences of her own, she realized that maybe not all of the sports organizations in the valley put kids in the best situation for them. You can’t control what kind of team your child ends up on; it’s really like a lottery pick. You never know what type of coach you’re going to get. Although all the programs in the valley do a great job vetting their volunteers (Through Life Scans & Background Checks), there are plenty of times where the coach isn’t as dedicated to the team as they should me. Sometimes you can get a text the day of practice informing you that there is a practice later that evening, or you get a coach who thinks they are going to win the Super Bowl instead of just teaching the kids the passion of the game and how to play it. 

Susanne Ryan and Coach Carter came together and discussed how they could tackle this problem. So they created a year-long after school sports program to help parents who seek a fixed schedule and kids who want to participate in sports. Practices are every Thursday & Friday 3:30 pm-4:30 pm and games are on Saturdays starting at 8:30 in the morning. Right now they are in the middle of their flag football season, but there is still room to sign up. 

 Its all smiles when playing football

Dwelling Place Christian School has a full season of sports planned out for the kids though, when flag football is over the basketball season will begin. After basketball, they will have a soccer season and volleyball season. Right now, they man teams from Kindergarten to Eighth grade. The price to play in the Dwelling Place Christian School sports league is only $45.00. All practices and games take place at the campus and under the supervision of Coach Carter. If you have any questions about the league or seasons feel free to contact Susanne Ryan at (951) 599-9011.

The whole philosophy behind this sports league is to create a safe place for all kids to come together to play. Although there is competition, the players are taught good sportsmanship and to be respectable to the referees and opponents. All kids are given an equal opportunity to play regardless of skill level.

At the end of the day, Dwelling Place Christian School is offering parents an alternative sports league/after school program to help give the children in our community a chance to play sports and make friends.

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