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School has started all around the valley, and soon it will be Fall. That means it’s time for High School sports. I know everybody is excited for football, but a few other sports are going on during Fall your child might be interested in participating in, or maybe you are an alumnus of one of the schools and want to show up to show your support. Boys and Girls cross country is starting up, so if your kid loves to run this is the perfect spot for them. They can get their running in and be a part of their high school team. If they participate in track during spring, this is a great sport to sign up in order to stay in shape. 

Next is Girls Golf; this is a great chance to earn a varsity patch and convince grandpa to spend a little bit more time with you on the weekends. Who knows he may take you out for a 5:00 Teatime and tell you all about his war stories while you kick his butt at golf. 

Girls Tennis is also available during Fall sports, make sure to check out the opportunity to compete on the tennis team. Girls Volleyball is one of the bigger sports during Fall and it’s competitive in this valley many of the schools offer Freshman, JV, and Varsity levels for Volleyball so this is a good chance to try something out to see if you like it or not.

Finally Boys and Girls Water Polo. Watching water polo, it is hard to get an understanding of what exactly is going on, but if you have ever played it, you would know it’s one of the most violent and roughest high school sports there is. The pool is definitely not a “Safe Space,” and you are liable to get wet if you are spectating too close to the pool. 

Show up any of the games at the local high schools this season to support their sports and school. These programs rely on spectators in order to continue. So if you could show up to a volleyball game or two this year please do. If you have kids or grandkids who play football, Volleyball, or one of the sports listed, but they aren’t in high school, this is an excellent chance for them to see what high school sports is like and root on the school that they will be attending in the coming years. Schedules are available online at, Just type in the school you are looking for and select the sport. For more information on how you can help the schools in the local area email me at

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