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5 things to check before you buy real estate

You found some land. The location is prime, the view even better, and the price surprisingly reasonable. But only if you pay right away. Should you? Probably not. Sure, sometimes we stumble into deals because the other side needs to act fast. But usually urgency is a sign to slow down, not speed up.

Shorter Darker Days Are Ahead: Make Your Home a Haven

As more of life is centered around home, good design can help you augment and replace natural light, while creating a beautiful, productive, safe haven during the darker, shorter days of fall and winter.

Unlock Your Home Equity with A Home Co-Investment

Owning a home is a huge investment, and once they've owned long enough to build up equity, many homeowners opt to leverage the equity for other uses.

Thinking about Refinancing – 5 Things to Consider

Mortgage rates have recently hit near-record lows and Freddie Mac predicts rates will remain low for the foreseeable future.

Hispanic Homeowner Follows A Step-By-Step Plan to Buy A House

A national housing survey found 88 percent of Hispanics felt homeownership was a good long-term investment, with 92 percent reporting they planned to be homeowners.

How to Buy A House Without Draining Your Savings

Erin, who works at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, had been toying with the idea of buying her first home.

Inside tips for anyone buying or selling a house

How many houses have you been outbid on? And if you're an owner who can't even get a nibble out of buyers - if some barely even bother stepping inside - are you starting to feel like screaming?

Pets-Come-First Trend Unleashes Happy Results For Homeowner

Some dog lovers show their puppy love with fancy dog food, a particular spot on the sofa or toys and outfits.