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Census Takers Start Following Up With Nonresponding Households in Southern California

Census takers throughout Southern California have started following up with households that have not yet responded to the 2020 Census. The current self-response rates in each of the five counties within the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area are:

SoCalGas Launches The “Fueling Our Communities” Program to Feed Vulnerable Groups...

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) in conjunction with five regional charity organizations launched the "Fueling Our Communities" program to provide free meals to individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Many are the tributes to those who are well-known in a community. Then the memory passes into the dust bins of history absorbed as are their remains
Police say struggle recorded on video was not an abduction

Operation Shutdown Corner Law Enforcement Dismantles Multi-State Methamphetamine Pipeline from Southern...

The United States Attorney Mike Stuart announced a major takedown on September 15, 2019, of drug traffickers resulting in the dismantling of a multi-state drug trafficking organization (DTO) responsible for distributing pounds of methamphetamine from San Diego, California to West Virginia.

Op-Ed: Celebrating National Water Quality Month

As the summer heat scorches Southern California, many residents may be cooling off by enjoying a swim in their backyard or community pool, a run through the sprinklers or a refreshing drink of water.
Aeromyth was a great success

Aeromyth was a great success

Last weekend’s Tribute to Aerosmith brought fans from across Southern California and beyond to celebrate the music of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. Aeromyth performed a flawless recreation of a high-energy show by the iconic 1970’s hard rock band...
Historic Hemet Theatre announces lineup for Friday Nite live series

Historic Hemet Theatre announces lineup for Friday Nite live series

The Historic Hemet Theatre has announced five more concerts in their popular Friday Nite Live Concert Series. Since January, the Friday...